Solita Summit 2022 - Digital convergence

Digital convergence highlights how previously separated technologies converge, integrate and come together to bring value.

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We have seen the interdependence of technologies increase radically in the past few years, a consequence of ever-increasing number of systems and technologies interacting with each other to achieve a desired outcome. To navigate this complexity, many of today’s biggest opportunities and challenges must be addressed holistically.

Watch the presentation recordings of Solita Summit 2022 and learn how to navigate the ever changing tech landscape and ways to harness the power of digital convergence.

You’ll discover:

  • How Fintraffic grasps the benefits of digital convergence in port traffic
  • Transformation story of Finnish postal services, Posti, from data perspective
  • Key dimensions you need to understand about digital convergence by Solita
  • The future of real estate: how tech-enabled experiences and digital UX design are aiding the convergence of physical and cyber space by Nikki Greenberg
  • New possibilities for building long term successful IT strategy, provided by the convergence of technologies and infrastructure layers, as companies move to cloud by Google Cloud

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Agenda & speakers

April 7, 9.00-12.00 EEST