Solita Azure integration training

Aika: 10.1.2022 - 23.3.2022
Paikka: Online

The application period for the training has ended.

We, together with our partner Microsoft, are organising free of charge training related to Azure and working as an integration specialist. 

In the future, all information services will increasingly move to the public cloud. Come and learn how one of the major public cloud provider Microsoft Azure works in integrations and what working with Azure means in practice!

The training is targeted to persons interested in working with Azure integrations and for those interested in becoming Azure Developer Associate certified. Read more about the certification here.

We offer:

  • Mentoring, support and tips & tricks for getting prepared for Azure Developer Associate certification exam. Note: The costs related to certification exam itself will not be covered by Solita.
  • Live training sessions, interesting customer case presentations and technical demos presented by Solita’s and Microsoft’s representatives and experts
  • Individual Slack support from Solita experts during the whole training. Peer support and chance to network.
  • Peak into integration specialist’s day-to-day life
  • Possibility to discuss about career opportunities in Solita’s API & integration community.

Requirements for participants:

  • Due to the limited number of places, we reserve the right to select the most suitable participants for the program. You can be e.g. an IT student or career changer interested in working with integrations.
    • From students we require at least two years of IT studies involving but not limited to programming.
    • From career changers we require either programming studies or some previous experience in programming (e.g. Python, C# experience)
  • The training and all the content are free of charge. The costs related to certification exam itself will not be covered by Solita.
  • For accessing Azure services and creating Azure free account, you will need a phone number, a credit card or a debit card and a Microsoft account or a GitHub account. Read more about Azure free account here.
  • The estimated number of hours you will spend on training and studying for the certification exam is about 50 + hours.
  • Own laptop is needed.


  • 10.1.2022 17-19 Kickoff: Introductions, goals for the program, Microsoft Cloud & Azure Integration Services Overview and Q&A-session
  • 12.1.2022 17-19 Remote session 1
  • 26.1.2022 17-19 Remote session 2
  • 16.2.2022 17-19 Remote session 3
  • 2.3.2022 17-19 Remote session 4
  • 23.3.2022 17-19 Remote session 5, Recap & feedback

All of the sessions will be organised after office hours 17.00 onwards on Wednesday evenings, except kickoff that is on Monday 10.1.

The training consists of independent studying as well as trainings and talks by Solita’s and Microsoft’s experts. All training sessions are held remotely due to the Covid-situation.

The certification test is performed according to the participant’s own schedule. We will give instructions on how to register to the exam.

The application period for the training has ended and the selections have been made on 3.1.2022. All the applicants will be informed.

More information about the training:
Saila Lehtovaara, [email protected] / +358 50 3370 917