Online event

RegOps Days 2021

Aika: 26.1.2021
Paikka: OnlineIlmoittaudu

Online event RegOps Day on January 26th 2021

Join us at RegOps Days 2021 online on January 26th at 10-16 EET, get best practices of regulated operations. 

DevOps has taken the software world by storm. It gives organisations practicing agile software development methodology the ability to deliver safely new features at high velocity due to a high degree of automation in their software delivery pipelines.

Regulation intensive industries have been traditionally slow at adopting agile methodologies due to complex procedures that have to be followed when developing software. However, we start to witness DevOps inspired automation making intakes into these areas.


  • Sami Köykkä, Senior Consultant at Solita
  • Niko Elomaa, Software Group Leader, Philips
  • José Alarcón, Agile Coach, Varian Medical Systems Oy
  • Bruno Canamasas, Scrum Master, Varian Medical Systems Oy
  • Cristian Klein, Senior Systems Architect, Elastisys AB
  • Vlad Sirbu, The Founder of CompliancePal
  • Marjukka Niinioja, APItalista, Osaango
  • Tessa Viitanen, CEO, Techie Stories Ltd

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