Importance of peer support & coaching in self-guided work

Aika: 20.10.2021
Paikka: Online meetupIlmoittaudu

Online meetup Peer support

Join our online meetup on Wednesday 20th of October at 17.00-18.00 EEST. In this meetup, our project managers will take the virtual stage and evoke some discussion about leading yourself in a relatively independent working environment.

Stories about the everyday life of project managers, stripped and brutally honest. Experiences of insufficiency, being ashamed and alone, or fearing failure is part of human nature – also in the role of a project manager. What’s the value of peer support when we run into these feelings and thoughts? And how can a coach support project managers in their work?

Welcome to hear two senior Solita PMs Eeva Riistama and Riitta Annala share their ideas on project management and Solita In-House Coach Tarja Kivistö discuss the role of coaching on Oct 20. Sign up now!

Meet the speakers

  • Eeva Riistama, Project Manager, Solita

Riistama Eeva Solita

  • Tarja Kivistö, In-House Coach, Solita

Tarja Kivistö Solita

  • Riitta Annala, Project Manager, Solita

Riitta Annala Solita