Machine Learning Engineering Meetup

Aika: 10.4.2019
Paikka: Solita, Alvar Aallon katu 5 c, HelsinkiIlmoittaudu

Welcome to Solita Machine Learning Engineering meetup!

This meetup is targeted towards engineers who work directly hands-on with data so you will not hear boring business talks or high level presentations. Instead, you will get to dive into the magic of machine learning world. However, the main point of this meetup is to get together and learn & share ideas!


Evening agenda:

State of the AI/ML stack in AWS – Carlos Escapa, Global AI/ML Practice Leader, AWS

Case Coxa:  From machine learning scripts to CE marked medical device – Mari Karsikas, Data Scientist, Solita Oy

“A short story how we built an AI tool for preoperative risk assessment and shared decision making in joint replacement surgery. And what we learnt about it.”

Computational geometry in the Machine Learning toolbox – Mikko Haikonen, Principal Data Scientist, Solita Oy

”Engineering tools for computational geometry to avoid fooling around with feature engineeering. Most of us who have been working with practical data science and machine learning challenges have found ourselves in situation where the feature-engineering work becomes more and more” ”random” and the steps taken in the process become less and less justifiable. Computational geometry is a discipline that is in between the machine learning and computer science”

How to build AI systems we can trust? – Erlin Gulbenkoglu, Data privacy expert, Silo.AI

“Practical points and suggestions on how to embed “privacy by design” in building AI systems allowing human control.”

Solita will provide drinks and snacks for this meetup!

If you have any further questions, feel free to contact Jenni Kivikoski +358 44 750 4441/[email protected]