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Solita Business Design Masterclass 2021

27.9.2021 - 30.9.2021, Online

Create better value for customers and your bottom line with business design. Solita Business Design Masterclass gets you kick-started on the journey to re-invent your business with design. It is tailor-made, intensive training for business leaders and practitioners to gain tools for growth and renewal. We balance theory and hands-on application and look beyond buzzwords to identify new sources of value.

Questions that we are going to discuss are:

  • How to rethink our business models? How to address change and new offerings?
  • What are the actual needs of our customers? Does our offering portfolio match these?
  • What are our unique assets – and how do we use them to find new sources of growth?
  • What is the real value that we create for our customers – and how can we capture it?
  • How can we evaluate new ideas before committing too many resources?

Only a limited amount of seats available

Four online training sessions on Sep 27-30. The course fee is 1485 € + VAT.


What you get?

Our curriculum is tailored to provide you with the needed knowledge, practice, and stepping stones for your business design journey. You will get an understanding of fundamental concepts of business design. We will provide you proven tools for customer-centric business model generation, fast prototyping, and hypothesis-driven business planning. You will also get to exchange with peer learners & experienced business designers.


    • Understanding of the business design process from ideation to implementation
    • Range of means from general mindset to concrete tools
    • Hypothesis-driven way of working
    • Value and tools of customer insight for business design

    • Hands-on training and experimentation through a case
    • Tools such as Value network, Business model innovation and Assumption board
    • Dialogue among participants & facilitators: discussion and reflection

    • Seeds of thought on how to utilise business design in your daily work
    • Ideas for implementing business design as an interdisciplinary practice
    • Opportunity to join a peer learning group of like-minded professionals
Business design masterclass

Solita Business Design Masterclass

The masterclass is an online-only edition planned along the best practices of remote learning to provide an immersive business design experience:

  1. We have proven ways for natural remote interaction
  2. We fully use the possibilities of up to date tools & technology
  3. We are a design community specialised in remote work and insight

What is it?

A training course that teaches you the basics of Business Design, then helps you apply it with hands-on exercises and tools.

What does it deliver?

  • Understanding of basics concepts of business design
  • Concrete tools for customer-driven business model generation
  • Ideas for implementing business design as a practice
  • First steps on your business design journey

Who is it for?

Business leaders, managers and strategists with complex business challenges that look for new ways to solve them

Why Solita?

  • We focus on customer & business value, not on buzzwords or on design hype
  • Our Trainers bring deep practical experience from real world projects
  • Our masterclass brings together experts from our industry leading client companies

“I’m a designer looking in to expanding to business design. Is this masterclass for me?”

Yes, and especially so if you’ve encountered some business problems during your career. This course bridges business and design from a business angle and the design thinking basics will be, eh, very basic for you, while some understanding of business and finance fundamentals is expected. For designers looking for a thorough intro to business thinking, we are more than happy to recommend by Alen Faljic.

“I’m a business person without any previous design thinking experience. Is this masterclass for me?”

Yes, this is the place to start your design journey.

Feedback from our previous Business Design Masterclass

  • +67 NPS
  • ”The class was an excellent way to get the shared language and tools for our team regarding business design.”
  • “Practical content that can be used at work right away.”
  • “Useful to learn a comprehensive framework – one way of doing things when planning new business.”
  • “Efficient learning.”
  • “For the first time I participated in such a large group meeting with hopping from teams to teams and to miro – and it worked.”
  • “It is more convenient to fit in to the schedules as travelling is not required.”
  • “Hands on trying the business design tools with small groups.”

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