Webinar: Strategic Data Management part 3

Tid: 9 juni 2022
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Did you know that data management actually enables and develops your business initiatives when you do it properly? How should this be made to happen? What is data governance’s role, and why should you invest in that? And most importantly: How to engage people and understand their role? Come listen and figure it out on June 9, 2022, at 10.00–11.00 EEST (9.00–10.00 CEST)! 

This is the third part of Solita’s Strategic data management webinar series.

Host: Iikka Lovio


Can you find yourself in these scenarios? How data management helps or prevents your business development
You’ll get insights from leading Nordic organisations and see the different scenarios how to succeed with your top digital initiatives with proper data management. This session is suitable for managers and experts whose job is to make sure that the business development initiatives succeed, and would like to understand how data management can boost the development.

Perttu Salli, Business Lead, Data Management, Solita Finland

Is your data governance solving the right problems or only causing more trouble?
It is widely acknowledged that data governance is now more important than ever as companies aim to become increasingly data-driven in a tightening regulatory environment. However, organizations’ data governance capabilities are often stagnant, regressing, or even missing altogether. In this session Jeremias will discuss why Data Governance determines your success in data management and how to build governance practices that demonstrate business value and actually work.

Jeremias Virtanen, Data Governance Lead, Solita Finland

How to win people over in your data transformation
When building new data capabilities, you always need to involve people. Whether it is the person you are building a service for or the specialist you need to get the right data product developed. When it comes to data transformation, technology is almost never your biggest challenge (nor the solution, though). However, technology feels difficult and that actually blindsights us from seeing that we are not investing enough effort in what is truly difficult; changing people’s behavior. We either make the wrong assumptions about people or are not able to get them onboard.

Kirsi-Marja Kaurala, Transformation Designer, Solita Finland

Meet our experts:

  • Iikka Lovio is a Business Designer at Solita. Iikka has worked with various customers from the public sector as well as B2C and B2B businesses. His sweet spot is defining relevant targets. One of his strengths is concretizing hazy systemic-level visions into desirable and viable solutions in a complex environment. The most interesting thing is to help multidisciplinary teams improve customer experience and achieve business goals.
  • Perttu Salli is a Business Lead in Data Management at Solita. With over 20 years of consulting experience and over 100 completed data projects, Perttu has been a trusted advisor for many customers in their strategic data initiatives. He has brought numerous innovative data solutions from idea to production. That’s why his ideas are battle-tested and buzzword-free. Perttu is passionate about speeding up all digital and data development.
  • Jeremias Virtanen leads the Data Governance Team at Solita. He has been guiding Solita’s customers for over 6 years and holds extensive hands-on experience on all areas of data management. Jeremias excels in designing and implementing long-term solutions for complex problems involving business, people, technology and data.
  • Kirsi-Marja Kaurala is a Transformation Designer at Solita. Kirsi-Marja has always been passionate about driving change in practice and making high level plans become alive and concrete together with people; seeing the transformation actually happen. In her work, she believes in embracing people with genuine empathy and curiosity. She does not appreciate vague terminology or hiding behind frameworks that are disconnected from everyday life. If you can’t explain it to your grandmother, it is not clear to yourself.
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