Solita Core 2022

Solita Core for techies is here again!

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Solita Core, our #1 event for techies, is back – and you are invited!

What is Solita Core all about? Tech talks and knowledge sharing are at the core of Solita Core (pun intended). This year we’ll be talking about not just software development but also cloud architecture, service design and data engineering. Watch the recording!


Wednesday, November 23, 2022 Online: 16:00-18:30 CET

  • 16.00

    Opening words: Welcome to Solita Core 2022
    Carlos Reyes Muñoz, Software Designer, Solita
    Karina Määttänen, Customer Success Manager, Solita

    Program starts | Online stream begins

  • 16.05

    Time to Commit – Creating Productive Developers
    Vesa Lahdenperä, Senior Software Designer, Solita

  • 16.30

    Good Enough Cloud Architecture
    Oskari Burri, Cloud Architect, Solita

  • 16.55


  • 17.10

    Embrace DevOps for Secure Data Visualisation
    Alexandra Andersson, Data Consultant, Solita

  • 17.35

    Future of Work – And Why You Should Care
    Outi Sivonen, CHRO, Solita

  • 17.55

    Panel: Cross-functional Projects – Real-life Stories from the Crossroads of Software Development, Service Design, Cloud and Data Engineering

    Outi Sivonen, CHRO, Solita (host)
    John Chimbani, Cloud Consultant, Solita
    Tom Nuorivaara, Senior Service Designer, Solita
    Marja Peltopihko, Software Designer, Solita
    Anisa Bruçi, Data Engineer, Solita

  • 18.25

    Wrap up & closing words

  • 18.30

    Online program ends

Solita Core 2022

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