Solita Meeting Point 2020 – Resiliency Bootcamp

21 oktober 2020, Virtual event

Are you building customer value, strategies and data capabilities that enable business to adapt to surprising market changes? Join us for virtual Solita Meeting Point 2020 event! You will discover how to build a resilient business in this rapidly changing world and hear how our clients built resiliency into their value chain, strategies and society.

The virtual event includes real-world examples of how:

  • Telia helps to create smarter cities using movement data.
  • OP Financial Group harnesses the power of business design and adaptive strategy.
  • Kalmar has tackled 360° digitalisation of everything.
  • KONE is using customer value as a driver in building empowered product teams.
  • Finn Church Aid is revolutionising humanitarian aid by focusing on the combination of blockchain and human insight.

Watch the recording of Solita Meeting Point 2020

Watch the recording


October 21st at 8.30-11.00 CEST (9.30-12.00 EEST)

  • 8.30

    Peter Barkman, EVP, International expansion & CMO, Solita

  • 8.40

    Case OP Financial Group: Adaptive strategy and design
    Karoliina Pentti, Head of Business Design, OP Financial Group & Jaakko Luomaranta, Business Designer, Solita

  • 9.05

    Case Kalmar: 360° digitalisation of everything
    Lasse Eriksson, Vice President, Technology, Kalmar

  • 9.30


  • 9.40

    Case Telia: Creating smarter cities with movement data
    Kristofer Ågren, Head of Data Insights, Division X, Telia

  • 10.05

    Case Finn Church Aid: Blockchain, human capabilities and humanitarian aid
    Antti Toivanen, Lead, New technologies in humanitarian aid, Finn Church Aid

  • 10.30

    Case KONE: Customer value as driver in building empowered product teams
    Mikko Aro, Director, Head of Global Maintenance R&D, KONE

  • 10.55

    Closing and wrap up

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