Organically grown software professional

3 juni 2021, Online meetup

Join our online meetup on Thursday 3th of June at 17.00-18.15 EEST. In this meetup we share stories of different software professional growth paths and evoke some discussion.

Software professional’s growth path isn’t always vertical – it’s often something else entirely! There are so many different roads a software professional can take:

  • Some might want to learn as many different technologies as possible
  • Some may want to be thought leaders in their field
  • Others may want to grow their people skills

In this meetup tech generalist Arto Santala , AWS & Serverless enthusiast Anahit Pogosova, and human-centric developer & people lead Riikka Taiminen will all share their stories.

What kind of paths have they taken? How have they grown into the roles they are in today? Join us to find out!

Join our online meetup

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Meet the speakers

Agenda on June 3 at 17.00-18.15 EEST

  • Arto Santala

    Grow wider

  • Anahit Pogosova

    Grow with passion

  • Riikka Taiminen

    Humanity and tech combined

  • Q & A