Solita Meeting Point 2022

October 26th, Online event

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Are you feeling the pressure to achieve maximum growth and be(come) sustainable? Are you wondering if digitalisation is the answer? We dare to say yes.

On this year’s Meeting Point 2022 we will bring on stage the spearheads from various industries across Northern Europe to answer questions like:

  • How can sustainability projects bring competitive advantages to businesses?
  • How to move sustainability initiatives from strategy to measurable actions? 
  • And what does a sustainable future in fact look like?

Join us on October 26th, 8.30 AM to 11.30 AM CEST (9.30 AM-12.30 AM EEST) and treat yourself to insightful and inspirational morning on abilities to sustain a business. 

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Who should take part in Meeting Point 22?

This event is focused on business strategy and design and is tailored for;

  • Business owners
  • C-level decision makers
  • Technical experts and specialists invested in:
    • business development and optimisation
    • digital transformation
    • risk assessment and management
    • maintenance of a competitive advantage
  • And everyone curious about how to solidify a sustainable corporate reputation in an ever-changing digital ecosystem

Why should I participate in Meeting Point 22?

  • Get current inspiration from industry leaders and experts
  • Understand how some of the most successful brands in Northern Europe are navigating in time of turmoil
  • Listen in on fruitful conversations addressing what resilient and sustainable business models look like now and in the future
  • Enjoy one well-produced online LIVE event from our studio in Helsinki, Finland

Facts about Solita Meeting Point

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    This is the 11th Solita Meeting Point

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    Attendees in Meeting Point 2021

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    Attendees from 29 countries in Meeting Point 2021

Agenda of Meeting Point 2022

The full event program will be released in August.

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Did you watch the Meeting Point 2021 case stories yet?

Visit or revisit last year’s presentations and get a brain boost while waiting for the 2022 agenda to be ready.


Watch the 2021 Meeting Point event recording in full with the keynote: ”Digital leadership and data ecosystems –  Impact of new technologies on citizens, society and global markets” by
Claudia Olsson, Founder and CEO, Stellar Capacity & Young Global Leader, World Economic Forum

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Online event, October 26th

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