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Crash courses fall 2022

1 september 2022 - 30 december 2022, Hybrid

Welcome to Solita crash courses!

Looking for free, educational courses on different tech topics such as modern data platforms, Data Mesh, Apache Kafka or data science and AI? Then Solita’s crash course is a concept for you!

Join our fall events in person and get a chance to mingle with peers before and after the event – or stream the courses from your computer at your own convenience.

Every month, one of our senior experts will take the stage with a topic they are passionate about. You will get an introduction to the history of a given topic, a deep dive into modern building blocks of today, and get hands-on tips on how to use these in practice drizzled with customer cases and insightful anecdotes from the customer work that our experts have been involved in.

What are Solita crash courses?

The courses are 1-1,5 hours long with a Q & A at the end. We aim to leave you with either tools to take back to your own work, a to-do list to move forward with the topic, or very digestible food for thought.

Who are the Solita crash courses meant for?

Crash courses are meant for both senior management, experienced professionals as well as for beginners. However, we recommend having a basic knowledge of the topic at hand.

What’s in it for you?

You get instant inspiration and potentially new strategic and tactical tools to add to your competence area. And if relevant, we are always available for a chat about potential projects related to crash courses, before or after the session, in person or online.

Want to know more about upcoming crash courses? Please contact us!

Nina Hakola

Event Marketing Manager

[email protected]

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Crash course on modern business transformation on Thursday September 1, 2022

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