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What is a modern data catalog all about?

Today, research indicates that many organizations face challenges in becoming data-driven – a lot due to problems with management of data assets.

In a survey conducted by BARC in June 2020, 90% of the respondents experienced that information had a high priority in their organizations, but only 25% stated that decision-making is done based on data.

Naturally, several factors can be the cause of this finding, however Data Catalogs can play an important role in helping organizations make more decisions based on data.

A modern Data Catalogs solution can be described as a powerful search-function in combination with a Wikipedia-like structure. It also has the ability to continuously learn how data should be structured in order to generate value for your specific organization.

Data Catalogs will enable:

  • Higher productivity – less redundant data and faster analytics
  • Better business decisions – richer analytics and better use of data
  • More efficient collaboration and community – better learning and onboarding
  • Data asset insights – higher value and lower cost of data
  • Legal and compliance – avoiding penalties (and keeping the Chief Data Officer out of jail…)
  • Transparency – increased trust in data with data lineage

The scenarios that modern data catalogs can solve
In order to easier understand how Data Catalogs can be valuable for Analysts and Data Scientists we have put together an in-depth guide with analyst scenarios.

  • Scenario 1 – The new analyst
  • Scenario 2 – Can I trust the data
  • Scenario 3 – How do I use the data

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