4 december 2020Blogg

The modern data platform – capabilities and architectural components

Many traditional data warehouses are challenged with the requirements around modernization, as big data with real-time analytics demands a new way of handling data. With this in mind, the need for a flexible, reliable, and scalable data platform is pressing, and it is time for enterprises to transform into a modern cloud-based data platform.

Doug Laney coined the term big data with three V’s – volume, variety, velocity, and later on adding the fourth one – veracity. In order to adapt to these changes, new agile ways of managing data are needed. Data needs to be processed at the right time, stored for analytical usage, and made available for data consumers all while putting governance on it to make sure the data is of high quality.

The infrastructure of the processing systems needs to scale to the needs of the data as well as the business. Also, the modern data platform must have certain architectural components in place.

Architectural components:

  • The interactions from data producers – Business data sources and channels
  • Data ingestion
  • Data storage and enrichments
  • Information publish
  • Information interaction with data consumers

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