21 april 2020Blogg

Necessity is the mother of innovation

A few days ago, I went to our Stockholm office in the Old Town (Gamla Stan). Only two colleagues were there, working many meters apart from each other.

My main reason for going to the office, was an interview with a new potential experience hire.

But since “Necessity Is the Mother of Innovation”, we had to rethink how to meet. Instead of being inside a conference room for 1+ hour with a presentation in an office environment, I suggested that we’d take a longer walk outside.

So the entire interview (corporate presentation, Q&A, relevant experience etc) was done during an one hour walk in the central parts of Stockholm City.

Included in the walk, was Kungsträdgården where the cherry trees were blooming. These are strange, challenging times. But it’s also rewarding to see how this distress can be a Mother of Innovation. We do things in new ways, that sometimes are better.

Teams, Zoom, Webex, and Jitsi are really helpful. But we can also rethink and meet in other, and new ways. The meeting (a.k.a. interview walk & talk) went well, and we may very well get a new very skilled person onboard Ferrologic by Solita.

Spring into warmer, lighter times ????

/Per Torell, Business Area Director, Enterprise Design