8 juni 2022Blogg

My top 3 highlights of my Internship at Solita

My name is Emma and I study System and Computer Science at Stockholm University. As part of my education, we do a 5-month internship, which I got the chance to do as an Event and Recruitment Marketing Intern at Solita! In this blog post, I will summarise my learnings from the past months and rank the top 3 highlights of my internship.

1. The DataTjej event. This was my first big project for this internship

On my first day of the internship, I got assigned to the DataTjej event, which is an annual event targeted at females and non-binary working in the IT-sector. Me and my supervisor Annina Troberg sat down in a meeting with a representative from DataTjej and talked about what they needed from us. This was very exciting and I got to start the planning right away. Annina gave me a lot of responsibility and trust, which at that time was pretty exciting but also scary.

Since the event was in the middle of February, the restrictions of covid-19 were still on, but luckily things resolved just in time for Datatjej.  Part of my tasks had been to find internal speakers for the event. We had our employee Karina Määttänen do an amazing presentation on the topic Challenging yourself – dare to say yes! Another of our colleagues, Malin Lindvall, attended the panel discussion on work-life and talked about how it is to work at Solita. They also gave me much inspiration and tips on my coming journey of getting into the work-life, which was much appreciated!

This project gave me so much valuable experience and I felt really proud of myself when it was done. And a big thank you to Karina, Malin, Clara and of course Annina for helping me execute this project and for trusting and supporting me.

2. The help and support from all the Solitans

Let me just start with WOW. Even though many of the meetings have been over teams due to the pandemic and people have worked from home, I always felt that people were there to help if I had any questions. There were days when I doubted myself a lot, but then I remembered all the meetings and support that I got around the company and that I could just reach out to anybody, but especially Annina who I could talk to and turn to with these doubts and that really helped me.

3. Women In Tech

What a way to finish my internship with the huge event here in Stockholm! The Women In Tech conference was so intense and fun and I had the pleasure to meet so many amazing women within the IT community! Since this was a big event, the planning started around 2-3 months prior to the event. For this event, we had a strong line-up of women within Solita that were there to mingle and promote Solita. A big thank you to Nina, Annelie, Karina, Angeline and Ida who were there to mingle with the participants!

We got a great response at this event, the participants were interested in who we were and all of our Solita SWAGs were much appreciated – a success!

Advice to future interns

Last but not least I will give some advice to my former self and other interns and people that put themselves in new and maybe vulnerable situations.

  • Trust yourself, everything is going to work out.
  • Ask for help, if there is something that is unclear or you don’t know how to solve it, just ask for help. At least here at Solita, there will be 1500 people that will gladly help you!
  • You will learn along the way. Nobody has everything figured out.

I am happy about everyone who believed in me and gave me this opportunity to develop and challenge myself. These 5 months have been challenging, fun, and exciting. Hopefully, we will meet again sometime soon!

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