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Life as an MDM – consultant – Sid´s story

Remote work stories

Say hi to our Master Data Management consultant Sid!

What is your role? Which team? 

My name is Sidhartha (Sid), I work as a Data Architect and Lead within the Master Data Management area in Sweden. My job involves Pre-sales, Data Quality, Architecture within the area of Master data equipping our clients to drive their data driven digital transformation journey with right semantics and consistency of data.

What are you working on?

Currently I am engaged in a few pre-sales activities within Master data management, to provide necessary technical and architecture guidance and expertise identifying customers technical and business requirements and needs. As my prior experience has been on Informatica MDM and related products, I am also spending time to learn our preferred MDM tool which is Semarchy Xdm. I always try and keep myself up to date with the technology and that is something I keep on doing whenever I find time.  I am also preparing myself for the AWS certification.

What do you love about your job?

I love the possibility to work with our customers in varied businesses. With my background in implementing  ERP systems for big conglomerates, I dive into our customers business processes, which not only helps me to understand their bottlenecks in the data management processes, but also helps me to advise them about the right processes and governing policies that could be applied to their DQ framework to master their core data assets. I love to stay up to date with what are the best tools and technologies around data management. I love to interact with fellow Solitans in the field of Master data and Data governance and to share our experiences in ways of handling these complex projects.

What’s your biggest passion(s)?

I am passionate about cooking, I remember starting to learn cooking pretty early during my childhood with my mum. Making Indian bread to cooking vegetables, I loved being there helping in everything big or small that was needed in the kitchen. I continue to do that as it helps me relax and switch off.

Regarding work, being able to provide to our customers the right framework and technology to solve their underlying issues with core data assets is something I am passionate about.  I try my best to be aware and responsible in everything, big or small that I do. I also believe in not focusing too much on the end result, but to be aware and responsible of the step and process of the journey. The best results will come inevitably.

What’s your most impactful experience at Solita so far?

Sharing the same passion with our experienced colleagues in the field of Master data management, in striving to be the best and provide our customer the best possible solution is of a great impact both personally and professionally.

Also, the Solita core values of caring, passion, courage and being easy-going can be witnessed in the day to day working life, which provides a great sense of freedom and belief in the system.

Join Sid and our community!