9 juli 2020Blogg

Life as a Digitalization consultant

Say hi to our consultant Maria Hansson, who tells about her everyday work and life.

What is your role?

I have been doing many types of assignments with different roles – starting within bigger integration programs, a lot of information management, master data management and governance, moving more into pre-studies for digitalisation programs and business transformation planning including both traditional IT tasks as well as Business impact and related activities around that.

The recent year I’ve been managing the Smart Energi initiative, which for me is a super great project/organisation combining the best of IT and Data management with innovation and business/environment value.

Personally, I feel that working with Data Management nowadays finally is appreciated, understood and asked for by all departments of companies, from IT to business development to business top management. It has never been as fun as now doing what we do – and the value, importance and potential of it has never been easier to explain and incorporate in business roadmaps!

What’s your biggest passion(s)?

Nature, Food and Wine – with people that I love. Tout simplement. Honestly, almost everything I do is connected to nature, food and wine, often combined. I love to be in nature, cook and eat outside, go on excursions and wine tours in France where I used to live for a couple of years. Now living in Sweden me and my friends and family try to live as continental as one can here, despite the quite cold evenings. Cooking and eating together, growing vegetables, sharing good products, barbecuing, swimming – even sleeping outside!

What’s your most impactful experience at Solita so far? 

The people, the people, the people. And their non-pretentious attitude. The willingness to share and help. Easy-going, helpful and of course, super skilled!