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IoT Alliance on your terms – are you ready to rumble?

How long can you wait for to build your AI assisted IoT solution? Are you ready to rumble when your competitors are? A faster way to create new business with IoT is to utilize IoT ecosystem such as Solita IoT Alliance. When you can build modular solutions with ready-made and tested services and devices, you’ll get a quick start and more value for your business.

Role of IoT is to enable data for your business renewal

When you see the need to renew your business to be more IoT data driven, there are just a couple of things to take into consideration.

First, specify to whom your new service is to be built for and what is the data needed to make it happen. Then, define how it will help your business further, is it for cost savings, business profit or end user satisfaction. Use service design to increase insight and build the business case. After that, when your goals and case is clear, it is time to start the journey.

Creating IoT from day 1

Finding all the components for your IoT solution can be a huge and time-consuming effort. Connecting all the service providers and technologies working seamlessly together might be difficult. To ease this, there is now an alliance service model available, which has already solved these obstacles and integrated all needed components to work in a customer centric way.
You don’t have to waste your time anymore in 6 months internal IoT project scoping. All you need to do is to bring your business knowledge, desired state and current capabilities to the table. We then add the missing building blocks together so you can have your first solution flowing with visible reporting data in couple of weeks.

It’s easy like home renovation

Starting a house renovation, it can be a nightmare to happen, right! You need to find a plumber, an electrician, a designer, carpenter and the rest of a multi talent team. And, the time-consuming part, you need to run to multiple different hardware stores to find the needed tools and materials when they tell you to. Then, simultaneously, take care of the budget, all the permits and even the impact of weather conditions. And try to handle the messy home where use of shower is restricted, temporary bedroom is under the stairs and your tv room is located beside the tumble dryer. Not enjoying this? Me either.

Yes, you can also choose to plan the renovation with the construction service personnel and let them make it a reality and just tell them what kind of wallpaper you or your family desires. This is how your IoT service can be build up, with an exclusive backstage pass to all areas where it happens!

Complexity is not the key to IoT success

During your travels in the IoT technology term jungle, remember that some of them might be poisonous. Try to avoid making your architecture selection too complex just by trying to fit all latest technologies like machine learning capabilities, 5G, video image recognition, augmented reality, blockchain and so on.

Keep your technology focus on the items that are enough. Too much data might just confuse, not clarify. IoT data does not need to be big. It is just the most crucial data needed, usually from multiple sources. Even one simple vibration sensor can give you more than needed to build an automated alarm system for predictive maintenance.

The most effective way is to concentrate to the real use cases behind the technology. We have built services for predictive maintenance, utilization rate, remote controlling, data logging and advanced detection. These service modules contain all the needed components to build the solution.

IoT services on your terms

But if you already have some IoT solutions? You do not need to waste you earlier investments. With an alliance model, you can enrich your existing business environment and solutions already made as a part of the end-to-end solution.

IoT Alliance services are automated tests, assessed against security threads, cleared against GDPR. It is a visual reporting tool distilled through toughest analytics and artificial intelligence tamed to be relied on. It is the most reliable hardware that gives you the most valuable data with real-time cost optimized connectivity. It is legacy data logging from old machinery enriched with system data from company operations. It is cloud services that are backed by on site edge computing on timely analytics. It is IoT fleet device management to keep you updated and it is an open system for future add-on integrations. And it is just the components you need, nothing more.

Listen to your machines like your employees

Where to start? Why not the wellbeing of your assets? Are you measuring your employees fatigue level for safety and productivity, their stress levels, how the surrounding conditions are impacting to their productivity? Hope you are and hope you treat your machines and fleet the same way. They are as important as your team and by listening to them you can act on all findings before there is a problem in the production.

Use video, sensors and sound to optimize the best use and maintainability for your machines, like you use your eyes, hands and ears to optimize your team’s wellbeing. Predictive maintenance, utilization rate and remote controlling are tools to enable the wellbeing of your assets. And when you combine healthy machines and humans to interact for common goals, it will be effective.

On 28.5.2019 and 29.5.2019 we arrange a breakfast seminar in Gothenburg and Malmö on how to create your data-driven IoT solution.