17 september 2019Blogg

How to solve the puzzle of a data-driven business?

We have a secret to tell you. Becoming data-driven is as easy as 1, -2, -3.

But because of the hype around this topic and because know-how is rare in the market, consultants are cashing you out with the get-started basics. We want to end the cheap information hoarding and scream the truth out loud.

All you need to do is to follow our framework, and you’ll end up being an awesome company that beats everyone in the market. At first, being data-driven sounds sexy but difficult to understand – but it really isn’t. It’s all about empowering your customers, being more efficient and building sustainable value. 

We’ve developed this method with dozens of our customers – it’s proven to work, and now we’re making it freely available for you to use to help you understand where you are on your journey towards data-driven business.

Here is a look into our framework:

What does the puzzle mean and how can it be applied in your daily business? It can be done in three steps:

Step 1: Ask yourself: What does data-driven mean for your company?

Step 2. Recognise the data-driven pieces you already have and the ones you are missing

Step 3: Conduct the orchestra


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