We are looking for a fearless Sales Manager



Would you like to work in a caring culture with highly skilled tech talent? If the answer is yes, continue reading. 
The Sales Manager role places you at the forefront of the Finnish digitalization. You will use your skills and vision to support the development of our newest industry, Defence and Security.  


The changes that digitalization brings to societies need new ways of thinking from the defense and security perspective. Solita Defence and Security brings answers, solutions and cultural change to the challenges the security customers will be facing tomorrow.

What are we looking for in a candidate?

We are looking for a colleague who can thrive in our culture. These are some of the most important things we are universally interested in candidates, regardless of the role:

  • Taking ownership of your own life, work, and learning. Self-awareness of own needs and feelings, work-life balance, leading own learning, resilience to recover from setbacks.

  • Dimensions of thinking and flexibility. Critical and analytical mindset, ability to come up with solutions creatively. Tolerance for a high level of autonomy. 

  • Ability to work in a consultative role. Understanding consulting business and customer business context.


Below you will find some of the skills that we’d appreciate in this role:

  • You are not afraid to pick up the phone and make cold calls when needed. You have the hunger to close deals, yet you have the patience to understand that sometimes it takes a longer time to close these deals. 

  • You are a natural networker, you are where the magic happens and know who to contact

  • You have a natural desire  to generate leads 

  • You have experience in an expert organization, you understand how consultancy business works

  • You have experience in working in secure working environments


What we do 

Solita serves the needs of companies’ digitization on a large scale in areas such as software development, cloud and integration services, data analytics, service design and consulting. In addition to Finland, Solita currently operates in Sweden, Estonia, Denmark, Belgium and Germany working with some of the biggest companies and public organizations; including Finnair, Fortum, The Finnish Parliament and UPM. 

Got interested? 

We would love to hear from you! Tell us about your skills and desires and we can figure out together if we could be a match. We always scan the opportunities throughout the whole company to find the sweet spot where your profile and interests could meet our needs.

Send your free-form application for our review. Application period is ending 16/10/2022. 

In recruitment, we think a smooth sprint is fast; we’ll review your application soon. If we see a potential match, we’ll invite you to an introduction meeting. We usually have two rounds of interviews before we are ready moving forward to job contract negotiations.

For more information about the position or working at Solita, please contact Janne Niinivaara by calling +358 44 577 0577.