Senior Data Engineer become a certified Cloud Data Engineer through Solita Masterclass



Are you an experienced Data Engineer aiming for the cloud? Apply for Solita Cloud Data Engineer Masterclass and become a certified Cloud Data Engineer at Solita! 


Do you have several years of experience as a data engineer, but have not yet gotten the chance to update your skills within the latest in cloud? This is your chance to transform your career and get to work at the tech edge of data and cloud!

At Solita, we are looking for senior data engineers to join our team in Estonia. We believe the diversity of ideas and backgrounds gives us the creativity to be successful in a rapidly changing world so we are open for candidates willing to relocate also.

Your employment will start with a 3-week cloud masterclass, that will dig into Snowflake, container architecture etc. on platforms such as Azure, AWS and GCP. In the masterclass we will mix theory with individual hands-on work, offering the support from our leading experts within cloudified data engineering.

By the end of the program, you will be a Solita-certified advanced cloud data engineer. Once certified, you will start working as a senior data engineer in our clients projects, together with other expert colleagues. A typical assignment could consist of reviewing existing solutions, implementing new cloud data platforms and data pipelines, or migrating legacy solutions into the cloud.

Solita has a strong expertise and long experience within data, cloud architecture, migration, development and operations. Our cloud business is growing rapidly and our partners are the world’s leading cloud services Amazon Web Services (more than 100 certifications and 300 experts in projects), Azure (more than 50 certificates and 150 experts) and Google Cloud Platform (4 certificates and 50 experts).

Read more about what we do within data in our datablog.

The skills and traits we are looking for in our future colleague:

  • At least 5 years of previous experience working as a data engineer
  • Experience working with data warehouse modeling, dimension modeling, data vault, ETL/ELT, and programming within SQL and Python
  • Experience from any of the major data integration platforms such as Informatica, SSIS etc
  • It is also a bonus if you already have familiarized yourself with platforms such as Microsoft Azure SQL server, Matillion, Snowflake etc.
  • A natural desire to constantly develop as a Data Engineer spearhead.

What we offer:

  • A flying start within cloud, getting you up to speed within the latest in data and cloud
  • “Add-ons” along the way; news about platforms, new use cases, continuous improvement
  • Interesting projects at clients within all industries
  • The chance to grow professionally in an international atmosphere
  • Great work culture and an unusually high autonomy
  • Teamwork and growing together with other experts in the field
  • A community of 1000+ Tech Expert colleagues across Europe

Solita is a workplace where you will always find a more knowledgeable, multi-disciplinary peer to spar with. People join us to become a part of a diverse community of experienced professionals and continuous learners. And people stay for the same reason. At Solita, you will find an easy-going work culture where you can be yourself no matter who you are.


Send us your CV and tell us a little about yourself and your background in your own words. We want to hear from you and figure out together what works best for us both.

Applications for the Cloud Masterclass will be handled on an ongoing basis, and a limited number of applicants will be chosen. The program will start in mid August 2021.