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Master Data Management Consultant

Do you want to expand your expertise in a company based upon Nordic values? Become our next Data Management Consultant!

MDM consultant’s work at Solita?

Our typical way of doing things is wide ranged: the team members are involved in both specification and design work, as well as the practical implementation of the designed solutions. While this provides opportunities for continuous learning, no one needs to master everything right down to the last detail, given that we work as teams in customer projects. 

Our team specialising in MDM projects employs roughly 30 consultants. When joining to a master data management project it’s not expected that you are an expert of the customer’s business environment right away. Nevertheless, it’s important to have a genuine interest about the customer's business and it's features regarding data management. Therefore, almost every MDM project starts with asking the obvious questions, such as “why”, and questioning the existing assumptions. Want to see an example of an MDM project? See our work for Fortum!

While we do not approach master data management technology first, nor do we underestimate the significance of tools. Our preferred tool in our customer projects is Semarchy, which we consider to be the most sophisticated and agile MDM tool in the world. We would also be happy to familiarise our new colleagues with its secrets and inner workings.

Learn more about the everyday work from one of our MDM consultant Emma Ilmoniemi.

Roles & Responsibilities: 

  • Quickly understands the business issues and data challenges of client's organization and industry
  • Discuss and implement MDM best practices & tools
  • Reviews and edits requirements, specifications, business processes and recommendations related to proposed solution
  • Data modeling
  • Design data workflows & user interfaces

We typically do things in a wide range of ways: team members are involved both in the definition and design work, and also in the actual implementation of the solutions in practice.

Skills development and continuous learning is really important to us, because customers want us to challenge their thinking. To support this development, we offer both specific training and space for self-learning.

Your start as a Master data management consultant is only the beginning of a journey at Solita, different possibilities to grow in the data field, design, software development and connectivity/cloud are possible. 


Examples of skills and competences that are useful in this work

An ideal MDM Consultant has a good combination of soft consulting skills and technical skills. Quite often the solution is not only fixing the technology but the business processes behind the data issues. Therefore, MDM Consultants needs to understand the business environment and its requirements and translate them into a language of data.

  •  A passion for data in general, and interested in master data. 
  •  A good technical background: good SQL experience
  •  knowledge of  MDM software tools is a plus. (eg. Ataccama, IBM Infosphere, Informatica, Innovative systems synchronos, Magnitude Kalido, Reltio, SAP Master data governance, Tibco EBX)
  •   Desire and ability to understand business processes
  •   Experience of interfaces between systems and building integrations
  •   Strong interpersonal skills and the courage to challenge the customer
  •   Willingness to work both at the keyboard and, where appropriate, at the flipchart – within your own skills and interests of course
  •   Experience in project work or project management
  •   Fluent in English and German (minimum C1)

We don't expect you to be deep in all areas (excl. languages)! If you already have some of these skills in your toolbox, you'll be well placed to succeed as a consultant.


Let's talk about what you'd like to do next

We're looking for new colleagues to join our team – for real! We'd like to hear more about your skills and, in particular, your hopes for the future. Let's find out together if we could offer you a new job that matches your wishes and expectations!

Leave an application or if you want to learn more about the work of a master data management consultant or our projects, for example, before you apply, please send an email to [email protected]

Please be aware that for this position we can't sponsor any relocation or work visa.



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