Half Information Security Officer, half unicorn?



We are looking for an Information Security Officer with 50% time allocation for our Swedish organization of 140 solitans. In this role, you can combine your other expertise and work in a double-role in Cloud, Data, Information Architecture or Integrations. 


As an Information Security Officer (or Informationssäkerhetschef), you will support and offer consultation internally:

  • Use your expertise in sales & contracts: You'll read and write security related documents (specifications, standards, guidances, policy documents) 
  • Taking care of some of the administrative security, practical things, documents and processes together with our CISO in Finland
  • A lot of the work is communicating with people as you will have to understand different viewpoints and angles and then explain these to others.

We are a growth company which can offer multiple development paths and learning paths in the future. By working with us, you will constantly expand your knowledge and skills in the security field. Exact areas of focus / work assignments can be tailored per your interests. E.g. If you have that entrepreneurial spirit in you, you can also kickstart our information security business in Sweden.

Will work in close co-operation with the IT (Group level and local Swedish IT) and group CISO. We are primarily looking for someone to work near our head office Stockholm, because it’s valuable to be able to visit there from time to time. But as we combine working remotely/IRL smoothly, it’s possible to follow a dream of slowing down and live elsewhere (we have offices or smaller talent hubs in Gothenburg, Malmö, Östersund and Skellefteå). 

What are we looking for in a candidate?

We are looking for a colleague who can thrive in our culture. These are some of the most important things we are universally interested in candidates, regardless of the role:

  • Taking ownership of your own life, work, and learning. Self-awareness of own needs and feelings, work-life balance, leading own learning, resilience to recover from setbacks.
  • Dimensions of thinking and flexibility. Critical and analytical mindset, ability to come up with solutions creatively. Tolerance for a high level of autonomy. 
  • Ability to work in a consultative role. Understanding consulting business and customer business context.

Below you will find some of the skills and technologies that we’d appreciate in this role:

  • Good communication skills in Swedish and English; You are able to demonstrate good practices for people that don’t understand the details in Information Security
  • Understanding of ISO 27001 and similar security frameworks and standards
  • Suitable certificate (CISSP, OSCP or something) would be a good thing, but no formal education or certificate is strictly required
  • Previous work experience in IT or security administration would be awesome, but also not strictly required either
  • Clean background to pass Säpo audit (Swedish citizenship not required)

As said, the exact role and responsibilities depend on the person. We are dealing with cloud security, physical security, administrative processes and sales and you don't have to be an expert at everything. Willingness to learn new things is obviously one of the keys to success. 

What we do 

Solita serves the needs of companies’ digitization on a large scale in areas such as software development, cloud and integration services, data analytics, service design and consulting. In addition to Finland, Solita currently operates in Sweden, Estonia, Denmark, Belgium and Germany working with some of the biggest companies and public organizations; including Finnair, Fortum, The Finnish Parliament and UPM. We are the company behind the world’s most used Covid app Koronavilkku with 2 million users in Finland.

Why join Solita? This is what our people in Sweden have said.

”Jag tycker det känns väldigt bra med kulturen på Solita. Man har en massa olika kollegor som man kan lära sig nya saker av, och alla är väldigt hjälpsamma. Vi har mycket samarbete och nu i och med pandemin inser man att man inte är så geografiskt begränsad heller, utan använder olika kanaler för att kommunicera med varandra, och att det finns en struktur för det. Mina kollegor på Solita är hjälpsamma, opretentiösa, trevliga, duktiga och professionella samtidigt!” (Beatrice Axaeus, Senior Enterprise Architect)


”Jag uppskattar att Solita består av en salig blandning av människor. Det berikar företaget att det finns folk från olika kulturer och olika bakgrunder. Jag tycker vi har bra gemenskap och jag gillar att man hjälper varandra. Som konsult behöver man vara nyfiken, ödmjuk och anpassningsbar. Jag tror det att vi är många med det ett sådant mindset och troligtvis är det därför som vi som företag har hanterat Covid-19 bra.” (Mats Hedberg, Consultant)


Practical information (how to get the job)

We would love to hear from you! Tell us about your skills and desires and we can figure out together if we could be a match. We always scan the opportunities throughout the whole company to find the sweet spot where your profile and interests could meet our needs.

Send your free-form application for our review. Application period is ending 20/06/2021. For more information, please contact our CISO Antti Virtanen (antti.virtanen@solita.fi). 

In recruitment, we think a smooth sprint is fast; we’ll review your application soon. If we see a potential match, we’ll invite you to an introduction meeting. We usually have two rounds of interviews before we are ready moving forward to job contract negotiations.

We are aiming for the new person to start working after summer (Aug-Sep). Your primary location is our Swedish head office in Stockholm. Our work is a combination of IRL, and virtual/remote. All interviews are held virtually in MS Teams.

Advice for headhunters and agencies; We are not actively looking for new partners. Should you have any questions, please contact directly our Recruitment Director Kati (kati.kitti@solita.fi).