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Grow as Data Engineer with us – Solita´s personalised onboarding program

Are you a data professional with experience in data-related work who wants to become a “full-stack” Data Engineer? Or are you already a Data Engineer and interested in widening your skills eg. with cloud platforms? Come and learn with us! We have built an extensive onboarding program, which we can personalise for you based on your needs and wishes.

Growing as a Data Engineer onboarding program helps you to boost your growth as a professional, improving your skills eg. in cloud platforms and their services, databases, data development tools and methodologies as well as more general level consulting skills. With a wider and deeper skillset you´ll have more opportunities to find meaningful and challenging projects to work in. 

You may have already heard of our popular Data Academy, but this is not it nor replacing it. Where Data Academy is for people in early stages of their data career, this Data Engineer growth program is targeted for experienced data professionals who want to expand their skillset.

What Data Engineers do in Solita?

Data Engineers are all-around and end-to-end developers and consultants handling data in all its shapes and sizes in order to fulfil the end users' data needs. Data Engineers work together with the Solita team in various customer projects, where data platforms and various data utilisation solutions are built, data storages are modernised and data is processed. 

Data Engineers both get their hands dirty on building technical solutions and the actual end products but also guide the customer in their data journey by understanding data, its quality requirements and potential value, and linking that value to the actual business needs. Consultancy and soft human skills are also crucial for an efficient data engineer as they work closely with the customer and end users to clarify business needs and specifications. On technical aspect Data Engineers' role consists of designing and building end-to-end data pipelines from the sources to landing zones and further to chosen platform, e.g. data warehouse, and onward publishing the data to the end users in reports and visualisations as information to help and support decision making.

What skills you should/could have?

We expect you to already have working experience and skills of some of the following:

  • Cloud platforms (Azure, AWS, GCP)
  • SQL
  • Python/other programming languages
  • Data modelling (Data Vault 2.0)
  • Business intelligence tools (Power BI, Tableau, Qlik)
  • Project work/consulting experience

You don't need to know everything – our modular onboarding program is going to fill the gaps. What matters most is your desire to grow your know-how along with the ever-developing IT industry. 

We offer you an extensive learning journey

There are plenty of learning opportunities throughout your Solita career. Here is one example of what your learning journey could look like during the next few years:

  • Personalised onboarding program supporting you to fill in the competence gaps
  • Taking part in mentoring program and learning from your new colleagues
  • Participating in one of our competence communities
  • Studying additional tech stuff from O’Reillys
  • Learning by doing in your project with your team
  • Taking part eg. in our internal Architect Academy
  • Depending on your interest, we also have soft skills trainings and coaching e.g. on self-leadership, working with others and consultation skills

What else do we offer? 

  • You don’t have to stick with the same role year after year. We have a good rotation model and many Solitans have worked in multiple roles during their Solita career.
  • Human-centric work environment where people take care of each other. 
  • We want to ensure you have a good balance between work and free time. That’s what our employees see as one of the biggest benefits at Solita.  
  • Great benefits – such as choosing your own devices (you can freely choose PC laptop with Windows/Linux or Apple laptop, and the phone you like), massages to relax during your workdays, in-house coach to support your mental well-being, many hobby clubs, gyms (Hki and Tre), sports / culture and lunch benefit, extensive occupational healthcare and many more!


Let's find out if this could be your next career step! Send us your CV/LinkedIn profile and/or application letter and we´ll get back to you soon. 

If you have any questions, please chat with Anu in LinkedIn or send her an email: anu.paivinen (at)



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