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Experienced Data Engineer

We are currently recruiting experienced  Data Engineers to join us in Estonia! Solita is a workplace where you will always find a more knowledgeable, multi-disciplinary peer to spar with. People join us to become a part of a diverse community of experienced professionals and continuous learners. And people stay for the same reason. At Solita, you will find an easy-going work culture where you can be yourself no matter who you are.

Solita's Connected Data unit consists of more than 700 data and integration experts, 20 of them working in our Estonian team, but everyone in international teams and projects. With our growth, we are looking for experienced Data Engineers to work on projects in different industries.

What would it be like?

Data Engineers work together with their Solita team in various customer projects, where, for example, data platforms and various data utilisation solutions are built, data storage is modernised and data, obtained from IoT sources, is processed.

You have the possibility to influence what kind of project you want to work on. At best, the project includes learning something new, the possibility to use your existing skills, and creating content that is meaningful to you. In addition, working can (and even should) be fun.

What else do we offer?

We offer the muscles of a big company, but the culture of a small company. In practice it means:

  • A caring culture where you and your 2000 Solita colleagues are always at the centre of management, not only as a group but as individuals too
  • Connected Data community consisting of more than 700 data professionals internationally, from whom you can get help for any problem you might have
  • Teamwork methods because we work as a team in projects
  • Appropriate workload so that there is time for other important things in life than work too
  • Freedom and responsibility – you can do your work wherever you want (at our offices, remotely in Estonia, sometimes also at the customer's premises)
  •  Opportunities to develop your skills in everyday project work, as well as support in developing your own career path, for example from one role to another (eg. from Data Engineer to Data Architect)
  • Sports support covering a wide range of sporting activities and events, massage, yoga and swimming pool tickets, as well as a wide variety of hobby clubs
  • Private health insurance and 100% sickness benefit from day one
  • Fun social events, from racing to painting
  • You get to choose your own equipment – Windows, Linux and Apple laptops, and a phone of your choice
  • Time that is allocated specifically for your professional development through trainings
  • Interesting and challenging projects 
  • Competent and easy-going community of experts to support your professional growth 
  • Caring and diversely talented colleagues who will be there for you every step on the way

What tools are we using?

At the core of the data creation is, of course, data processing; loading, parsing, saving, modelling, and storing. The tools are selected for each project as needed:

  • Almost all of our new data projects are done in the cloud. Especially Azure is popular among our customers, but AWS and GCP too.
  • Databases create the basis for all data creation. We mostly work with databases that use SQL.
  • Python and other programming languages ​​are actively used, for example, in the construction of data pipes. If you know how to program, you have more options when it comes to our client projects.
  • We want to use modern modelling methods such as Data Vault 2.0.
  • Databricks and dbt are the skills we are specifically looking for at the moment

We expect technological know-how from an experienced Data Engineer, but you don't have to know everything. You get to learn new technologies with us. In addition to tech know-how, we value experience in project work and consulting in the customer interface, as well as the desire to grow your own know-how along with the ever-developing IT industry.

What is Solita like as an employer?

Solita is an IT consulting company with Finnish roots, and we have offices in 9 countries in Europe. Our consultants work with international projects.

In addition to Data Engineers, we also have top professionals in data science, data visualisation, and master data, as well as a group of experienced data architects. With our work, we strive to create sustainable solutions – ones that we ourselves would like to use and maintain.

Our values ​​are caring, easy-going, courage and passion. Our employees have chosen those themselves, and maybe that's why we can see and feel value-based actions every day. Here are a few examples:

  • Caring: Our culture has been created in a way that you can easily get support in project challenges from the entire work community, not just from your own project team
  • Easy-going: Even though we are already quite a large company, the atmosphere is cosy and relaxed, and the hierarchy is low.
  • Courage: We build genuine partnerships with our customers. This sometimes requires courage to disagree with the customer and say it out loud as well.
  • Passion: At Solita, work is done with great passion, but having fun at the same time. We pride ourselves on the quality of our work.

Let's talk?

Let's find out together whether we could find the next challenge in your career with Solita! Our recruitment process includes two interviews, mainly in Teams.

Send us your CV, and tell us a little about yourself and your background in your own words. We want to hear from you and figure out together what works best for us both.

Would you like to know what it's really like, working in Solita? Saku summarises it in 57 seconds here, and Sanna here

Please note that the location for this role is in Estonia. We do support a hybrid way of working but we do not offer fully remote positions.

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