Data Management Consultant



We’re looking for new colleagues in the area of data management! Solita’s Master Data Management consultants work at the core of our customers’ business and participate in the development of data management processes. High-quality and easily accessible core data creates immediate value for business operations. 


Data Management Consultant

Our typical way of doing things is wide-ranging: the team members are involved in both specification and design work, as well as the practical implementation of the designed solutions. While this provides opportunities for continuous learning, no one needs to master everything right down to the last detail, given that we work as teams in customer projects. 

Our team specialising in MDM projects employs roughly 50 consultants. In the data management area combining the MDM specialist with the data governance advisors and data architects, there is a Solita-wide international community, which has more than 100 people. When joining a master data management project it’s not expected that you are an expert of the customer’s business environment right away. Nevertheless, it’s important to have a genuine interest in the customer's business and its features regarding data management. Therefore, almost every MDM project starts with asking the obvious questions, such as “what” and “why”, and questioning the existing assumptions.

While we do not approach master data management technology first, nor do we underestimate the significance of tools, our preferred tool in our customer projects is Semarchy xDM. We consider xDM as the most sophisticated and agile MDM tool.

Want to see an example of an MDM project? Have a look at our work for Fortum or YIT.

Learn more about the everyday work from the leader of our MDM team Pekka Tamminen or one of our Data Consultants Tomi Rousi.

So, what are we looking for? Key skills for all Solita’s data management consultants:

  • Understanding of master data management theory (e.g., implementation styles, processes, etc.)
  • Empathy, curiosity, honesty
  • Communication skills and ability to challenge customer, when needed
  • Co-operative teamwork, where our values: caring, a laid-back attitude, courage and passion are part of everyday life
  • Experience in project work or project management
  • Good English skills. Proficiency in German or Swedish is an advantage

While solving technical challenges is a major part of our projects, a large part of the work is related to business processes and governance, or people related issues behind the actual data development. Therefore, we are looking for both technical & business oriented master data experts especially in intermediate and senior levels. 

Key skills and competencies for technical oriented data management consultant

  • Database skills & SQL is a must in this role, at least on an intermediate level
    • Database views, functions, stored procedures, indexes, etc. are “a piece of cake” for you
  • You are already familiar and/or you have developed some master data management tool or application
  • Cloud competence (Azure/AWS, GCP) 
    • Databases, Data Factory, Kubernetes, App Service, etc. 
  • Good development practices
    • CI/CD, version control, release processes, testing, etc.
  • Data & process modelling skills
    • Conceptual, logical, physical, etc.
  • Understanding of APIs & integrations

Key skills and competencies for business oriented data management consultant

  • You have been involved in master data related projects
  • Familiarity with MDM-related tools: databases and SQL, API, cloud environments
  • Basic understanding of data governance
  • Experience with change management
  • Facilitation experience, e.g. workshops
  • You are willing and able to take responsibility and start driving the development of some part of the MDM solution
  • You are able to act as a link between the customer’s business stakeholders and the technical development team
  • You know how to go from a customer need to a concrete development blueprint
  • Data modelling knowledge and experience in practice
  • Business process understanding from different industries

Don’t worry if you don’t have all of the above skills – Our biggest promise is learning and having colleagues to learn from! 

Solita as an employer

Solita is an international consulting company. In addition to data management specialists, our Connected Data community employs professionals for data engineering and architecture, data science, data visualisation, and business performance management. Solita’s data community encompasses more than 600 professionals fulfilling their passion for data by making use of a range of expertise. Learn more about our data community and everyday operations.

We help customers solve problems and aim to create sustainable solutions – the kind we ourselves would be proud to use and maintain. Our values are caring, casualness, courage, and passion. They have been selected by our employees. We see and feel our values in action – everyday! This puts us in a position in the consultant business, which is unique: can there be a consulting company which is so humane and where the work-life balance is reality? Yes there can!

Let’s talk?

Our recruiting process is relaxed, and we get good feedback from the sessions. Even people who did not join say that they learned about themselves and the area of data management. Please apply today, and we get back to you!

Tell us about yourself and your wishes in your application and CV by 4th June 2023. If you have questions, chat with one of our MDM People Leads Petteri Nyrhilä in LinkedIn or e-mail him: petteri.nyrhila (at)

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