Data Engineering Training Path for Software Developers



Hey you professional Software Developer! Have you considered switching from software development to working with data? In Solita we offer you a training path that combines lectures, hands-on work on data projects, mentoring and certification which will enable you to work as a data professional in various interesting customer assignments. 


Our training path offers you an opportunity to work as a Data Engineer or Data Developer. You will become part of our large and growing community of experienced data professionals to help our customers become more data driven. We will provide you all required support and tools so you can become a trusted advisor for your clients. 

As a Data Engineer you will be creating impact by enabling new data capabilities to support the customers' business decision making. It might be designing and implementing data pipelines, data models, data architecture, creating data visualizations and much more. At Solita we are technology agnostic, meaning that the team has free hands to select the technologies and tools that best suit the use case. We believe in lean and agile methodologies, low hierarchy and independent teams who know best the customer needs.

Some examples of the technologies we use which you will learn to utilize: 

  • modern cloud platforms (AWS, Azure, GCP)
  • data tools (ADE, Matillion, Informatica, Talend, Airflow, Semarchy, Alation​)
  • different database technologies (Snowflake, Azure DW/Synapse, Redshift)
  • analytics tools (Tableau, Power BI, Jedox, IBM TM1, Databricks)
  • methodologies such as DataOps & CI/CD
  • your favorite programming languages (Python, NodeJS, C#, R, Spark, Java, Scala, Clojure)

To get the understanding of data projects and the modern data tools, there will be training path sessions to guide your journey. Here are some examples:

  • Development in data projects
  • Spark based data tooling
  • Azure/AWS/GCP services in data projects
  • Modern integrations
  • Data modeling techniques

Final program structure will be formed based on the needs of the training path participants.

During and after the training we offer you interesting projects to work with. At Solita you will be able to impact and choose the projects you’ll be working on. Read more about our projects from our website.

We expect you to be a professional software developer that has at least a few years of experience. Strong interest or experience in cloud services like Azure, AWS and Google Cloud is valuable for us. DevOps or DataOps principles should be familiar to you, and you sign the concept and the mindset behind it. Last but not least we expect you to have a passion for working with data and some understanding of databases.

This is a great opportunity to grow and become a data professional! Apply by 31st May 2022. We will start interviews during application period. The training path starts after summer vacations in September 2022.