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World is built on the collective intelligence of humans and machines - and we want you to bring your collective share to the equation. 


Manufacturing industries are living in an era of accelerated change and rapid demand for renewal. Industrial digitalisation, servitization, green transition and recent volatility in economics are shaping the way organizations create value and interact with each other. Our mission is to support manufacturing businesses to turn the change into a competitive advantage with a comprehensive digital expertise that combines technology, data and human insight. 

Our industrial customer portfolio consists of large enterprises and corporations from asset intensive process industries to world-class intelligent equipment OEMs. If you are a consultative data professional or technical data expert with manufacturing or R&D background, please consider joining our relaxed and caring community of 350+ data experts in Finland. In the era of hybrid work your physical location is less relevant but we do have offices and hubs in the largest cities of Finland: Helsinki, Tampere, Turku, Oulu, Lahti, Jyväskylä, Joensuu, Kuopio and Pori. 

We at Solita are now looking for new colleagues to work in various data, analytics and integration initiatives at our industrial and manufacturing customers. 

Data Engineers and Data Architects

If you are interested in a Data Engineer or a Data Architect role, we expect you to have experience working with cloud technologies and frameworks such as Microsoft Azure, AWS, GSP, Snowflake, Databricks, Apache Spark or Apache Kafka. As a consultant, readiness to contribute in presales and sales support activities is important. Data Architect must have ability to work in a leading role with fellow Solitans in customer projects and consultative assignments. 

Below you will find some requirements we hope you may have, but there is no need to be expert in every area. 

Data Architects and Data Engineers for smart manufacturing:

  • Medior and senior experience level with speciality and background in manufacturing, IIoT, MES/MOM/WMS systems, industrial automation or operational intelligence
  • Ability to design secure and reliable end-to-end data architectures in a edge-to-cloud continuum by bridging together local operational systems with cloud-native technologies. 
  • Knowledge regarding key domain technologies, frameworks and practices: industrial DataOps, DevSecOps, ISA-95, Unified Namespace, OPC-UA, MQTT Sparkplug B  

Data architects and data engineers for intelligent connected products:

  • Medior or senior experience level with preferred speciality and background in connected/IoT analytics, streaming architectures, control and sensor systems, industrial automation or data acquisition 
  • Ability to design secure and reliable edge-to-cloud continuum by leveraging edge computing and cloud-native technologies in intelligent equipment OEM scenarios. 
  • Experience working with IoT and streaming solutions
  • Knowledge regarding key technologies, standards and practices in software engineering, embedded software, control systems and connectivity, particularly in heavy machinery and industrial equipment

Senior data architects for data-driven businesses:

  • Senior experience level with proven track record and background in enterprise data platforms, data warehouses, reporting and BI solutions, especially SAP ecosystem
  • Ability to design and implement enterprise-scale data, analytics and reporting solutions by combining cloud-native technologies with COTS business technologies and related data and analytics solutions
  • Business information modeling and process knowledge regarding SAP, Salesforce or D365, preferably with previous experience of application specific data extractors and utilities, such as Theobald, Aecorsoft or Matillion
  • Experience in data and information modeling, data warehouse design and Data Vault 2.0 methodology

Machine Learning and AI Architects

ML and AI architects and engineers for industrial applications:

  • Medior and senior experience level in advanced analytics, ML or AI with deep understanding of logic and practicalities related to machine learning solutions and their development.
  • You have good architectural & hands-on experience with cloud platforms and design paradigms.
  • Previous experience from dynamic pricing, condition monitoring, predictive maintenance, machine vision, signal processing, optimization or similar use cases. 
  • Familiarity and experience working with public cloud, ML/AI platforms and technologies, such as Kubernetes, Azure ML, AWS Sagemaker, Vertex AI, MLFlow, Kubeflow, Seldon, etc. and strong interest to learn also new ones.
  • You regularly utilize CI/CD, DevOps and IaC methods and tools such as Docker, Terraform, etc.
  • You are able to guide and challenge our customers in the role of a leading consultant and you enjoy working as a team member with fellow Solitans.

Integration Architects and Specialists

Integration architects and specialists for connected businesses:

  • Ability to translate business needs and interaction patterns into integration and API solution architectures and further to technical solution implementations.
  • Hands-on experience of using integration and API management tools, such as MuleSoft, Azure Logic Apps & API Management or Boomi
  • Hands-on experience with other integration & API management tools is a great asset, including Apache Camel, IBM Message Broker/IIB/App Connect, MS BizTalk or Oracle SOA Suite
  • Previous experience of implementing event-driven architectures and messaging, and technical skills related to Apache Kafka, Confluent, ES and CQRS patterns is a plus 
  • Previous integration experience from industry dominant business applications and SaaS technologies is a plus  
  • Ability to work in a delivery role with your fellow Solitans in customer projects and consultative assignments.

What do we offer?

We offer the muscles of a big company, but the culture of a small company. In practice it means a caring culture where you and your 1600 Solita colleagues are always at the center – not only as a group but as individuals too. The Connected Data community consists of more than 500 data professionals internationally. This means, you'll get help for any problem you might have. We work as a team in projects, so it means you are never alone in the project. We make sure, you'll have an appropriate workload so that you'll have time for other important things in life than work too. We believe freedom and responsibility goes hand in hand, so you can do your work wherever you want (at our offices, remotely in Finland, sometimes also at the customer's premises). You’ll have endless opportunities to develop your skills in everyday project work, as well as get support in developing your own career path, for example from one role to another (eg. from Data Engineer to Data Architect).

Please send your LinkedIn profile or CV and your free-form application by 22nd of April 2023. You can also contact our recruiters Anu or Suvi via LinkedIn or email, ([email protected] / [email protected]) and we'll talk more about the career opportunities offered by Solita. You can find more information about Solita Industrial here: Solita Industrial – Solita


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