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Are you interested in combining AI, machine learning, and analytical solutions with business & human insight to create real business impact? Would you like to work in a caring culture, and be part of an exceptionally talented multidisciplinary community? If the answer is yes, continue reading. 


At Solita Data Science & Analytics, we support our clients during their whole AI & Analytics journey – from the very beginning of ideation all the way to scaling the utilization of AI & Analytics across the organization. We also take a holistic view to business problems, and see that in addition to technical skills, for instance consulting skills and design thinking methods are crucial to identify the problems worth solving, and how best to solve them. We develop solutions that harness the potential of AI & analytics technologies, generate value for the end users, and deliver sustainable business impact for the client.

We are currently looking for an AI Designer / Consultant to join our team.

What does an AI Designer / Consultant do?

The job of an AI Designer / Consultant is to help clients generate business and end-user value from AI and analytics. This entails finding the most valuable business problems to solve, and then applying design methods, human insight, and AI and analytics technologies to solve those problems. The AI Designer / Consultant can orchestrate Solita’s multidisciplinary expertise to deliver a holistic solution for the client. As an AI Designer / Consultant, you will work for instance with AI & analytics opportunity identification, executive-level trainings, AI-enabled service development, AI & analytics strategy & development roadmapping, and AI governance transformation.

What are we looking for in a candidate?

We are looking for a colleague who can thrive in our culture. These are some of the most important things we are universally interested in candidates, regardless of the role:

  • Taking ownership of your own life, work, and learning. Self-awareness of own needs and feelings, work-life balance, leading own learning, resilience to recover from setbacks.
  • Dimensions of thinking and flexibility. Critical and analytical mindset, ability to come up with solutions creatively. Comfortable with a high level of autonomy. 
  • Ability to work in a consultative role. Understanding consulting business and customer business context.

Here are some of the skills that would be particularly useful in this role:

  • You have a Master’s degree in a relevant domain
  • You have experience in using AI and analytics to create value for the business and the end users
  • You have an understanding of modern data science, machine learning, and AI development
  • You are comfortable educating senior leaders on AI and analytics
  • You understand the basics of business models and business design
  • You understand the basics of service design and appreciate the importance of human insight
  • You have an agile and experiment-driven mindset
  • You have at least a basic understanding of modern analytics, data platforms, and architectures

We will consider both senior candidates with solid experience and a proven track record, as well as rising talents who have the motivation and potential to grow into this role.

What does Solita do?

We help our clients thrive in the digital transformation. We have already delivered thousands of projects for some of the biggest organisations in the Nordics, including for example Finnair, Fortum, The Finnish Parliament and UPM. We help our clients with themes such as strategy, business design, service design, data platforms, digital service development, cloud architecture and integrations. Solita currently operates in Finland, Sweden, Estonia, Denmark, Belgium and Germany.

Why join our community?

This is what our people have said:

“People are very open-minded and straightforward. There is a will to improve, provide new solutions and grow together. I also think we can be more successful when we can be authentic, and felt from day one that I can be myself at the office.” – Linda Moll, Consultant

“People get to work with really interesting projects, and it doesn’t require previous experience in the area. You can try new things and direct your learning based on your interests, instead of getting stuck in specific expertise. You are not left alone, since there are always more experienced co-workers guiding you.” – Anaïs Renson, Data Architect

“What most inspires me in my work is seeing the impact of what we do. It’s not only about our clients´ business goals, but often there is a wider contribution to society or the environment.” – Lauri Kieksi, Service Designer

Got interested? 

We would love to hear from you! Tell us about your skills and desires and we can figure out together if we could be a match. We always scan the opportunities throughout the whole company to find the sweet spot where your profile and interests could meet our needs.

Send your free-form application for our review latest on 7th of February 2023.



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