The future of data: Modern data platform with Databricks

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Location Eteläesplanadi 8, Helsinki

Date 17 Nov 2023

Data mesh and Databricks represent the cutting edge of data management and analytics. Data mesh fosters a decentralised, collaborative approach to data handling, promoting agility and quality, while Databricks’ unified analytics platform empowers efficient processing and insightful analysis of massive datasets. Embracing these innovations promises not just staying ahead but leveraging data as a strategic asset for sustainable growth and continuous innovation.

At Solita and Databricks, we are excited to invite you to our joint breakfast event to dissect the latest trends and innovations in data development. Join our event and hear the latest trends in Data Mesh and decentralised data solutions and how Databricks supports the requirements of modern data & AI products. You also get to hear real-world customer case stories from Fortum and Kone.

Get ready to embark on a journey into the future of data! Join this event to:

  • Gain insights into the future and latest trends of data development.
  • Explore the power of Databricks and its role in modern data platforms.
  • Hear real-world customer case stories with Databricks
  • Network with others working in a similar role
  • Discover new opportunities for data innovation and business growth.

The event is best suited for Data & Analytics Leaders, IT Managers and CIOs, Enterprise Architects, Data & AI Architects and anyone passionate about data and technology!

Meet the speakers:

Suresh Sapani Devarajan is a Lead Architect – Customer Data Platform (CDP) at Fortum & he is also responsible for the overall Architecture of Fortum Consumer Solution’s Cloud, Data & Integration Platforms. He has 25+ years of experience in building data-driven applications, microservices, involving complex architectural and scalability requirements in diverse industries. In his current role Suresh advises and enables teams to create data-driven solutions.

Neelabh Kashyap is currently an Enterprise Architect at KONE and responsible for the Data & Analytics domain. He has a background in academic research in digital signal processing and has worked as a data scientist, data engineer, and ML engineer in the past serving various industries as a technology consultant.

Antti Loukiala is a data platform architect with deep knowledge in cloud services. He has helped larger North European companies design and build data platforms and distributed data management setups. Antti has been diving into topics of data mesh and data products from the inception of the topics.

Reinhard Seifert is Databricks tech lead and data platform engineer at Solita. Reinhard is currently engaged in the development of DataOps platforms for various large enterprises, delivering robust and efficient analytical data pipelines through stringent DevOps methodologies.

Jokke Ruokolainen, the AI Tech Lead at Solita, brings 8 years of diverse experience in analytics and AI roles, including BI Analyst, Integrations Specialist, Data Scientist, Chief Machine Learning Engineer, and Machine Learning Architect. Over the past 5 years, he has specialized in designing and developing MLOps platforms such as GCP Vertex AI, Azure ML, Amazon Sagemaker, Kubeflow, and Databricks. Jokke is dedicated to assisting organizations in achieving their desired AI maturity level, incorporating AI applications into daily business operations. With an extensive background in Data Science and machine learning engineering, Jokke excels in helping companies adopt cutting-edge algorithms and platforms, including Databricks, to drive business transformation.

Mikael Ruohonen has been leading Solita’s Data Science, AI & Analytics business for three years. He has experience from multiple data, analytics & AI professional service firms and e.g. from SOK, where he was responsible for the overall utilization, development, and roadmap of SOK’s data, data science & analytics solutions and capabilities especially related to customer, consumer, marketing & market data. In his current role Mikael gets to see widely how data, analytics & AI development and utilization are transforming different organizations.


Date 17 Nov 2023

Location Eteläesplanadi 8, Helsinki

08.30 Breakfast served
09.00 Opening words, Mikael Ruohonen, Business Lead – Data Science, AI & Analytics, Solita
09.05 Latest Trends Regarding Data Mesh, Antti Loukiala Technical lead, Solita: Unraveling the Future of Data
09.20 Modern Data Platform Capabilities & Data Mesh, Reinhard Seifert & Jokke Ruokolainen, Databricks Solutions Architect Champions, Solita: How Databricks Supports the Data Mesh Vision & Modern Data Platform Requirements
09.40 Customer Presentation: A Journey with Databricks, Suresh Sapani Devarajan, Senior Architect – Data, Integrations & Cloud Services, Fortum
10.00 Customer Presentation: Elevating KONE’s Data Mesh with Unity Catalog, Neelabh Kashyap, Enterprise Architect – Data & Analytics, KONE
10.20 Q & A
10.30 Event ends
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