Snowflake Data for Breakfast Sweden and Belgium

Start your day with AI — The easy way  

Location Belgium

Date 19 Mar 2024

Join data professionals and leaders for a morning of insights and breakfast — where you’ll learn how to set a data strategy to unlock AI innovation. The Snowflake Data Cloud is the starting point: a global network where you can mobilise your data in a multitude of ways with near-unlimited scale, concurrency, simplicity and performance. This year, this Snowflake event series will be stopping in more than 25 cities in the EMEA region between February and April 2024.  

We are proud to be joining the tour both in Stockholm, Sweden on March 13th as a Black Diamond partner and in Mechelen, Belgium on March 19th. In Stockholm, we will also bring on stage our customer Adapteo to share their story with Snowflake.

At Data for breakfast you’ll learn how to:

  • Unite your siloed data across data types, business units, clouds and tools
  • Protect your data with unified and consistent security and governance
  • Create simplicity in your architecture and reduce total cost of ownership without compromising on performance
  • Maximise access and distribution of live, ready-to-query data, while also building cross-cloud resiliency
  • Get access to out-of-the-box AI/ML capabilities
Are you new to Snowflake and have zero to little understanding of what the Snowflake Data Cloud is? Then this event is for you! If you’re already a Snowflake advocate, we’d recommend that you do not attend Data for Breakfast.

See you in:

  • Stockholm on March 13th
  • Mechelen on March 19th