Smart applications – The new era of edge solutions

As technology continues to advance, the integration of smart applications is becoming increasingly essential for businesses and individuals alike. Curious for more?

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Location Hybrid

Date 14 Mar 2024

In an era defined by technological innovation, a smart application redefines data usage and data ecosystems by harnessing cutting-edge technologies. From intelligent infrastructure management to real-time data analytics, smart applications offer a wide range of benefits, from improved efficiency and user experience to predictive capabilities and competitive advantages. As technology continues to advance, the integration of smart applications is becoming increasingly essential for businesses and individuals alike.

Smart applications have several business use cases such as reducing manual intervention and improving efficiency, sales forecasting, demand planning, and healthcare diagnostics etc. Smart applications can have a societal impact when used to improve the quality of life for its citizens through the integration of technology and data-driven solutions.

Join our event on March 14 in Leuven or online! In this session, we’ll demonstrate:

  • The process of building such an application
  • Identifying and avoiding common pitfalls
  • Extracting meaningful value from your data

This session is intended for CIOs, IT Directors, IT Managers, Integration Architects, Enterprise Architects, Product Owners, IT Integration specialists.

Jeroen Wanten, our seasoned integration architect and Connected Data Domain Lead, will be your host for this session. He has years of experience and recently worked on a similar project for one of our customers.

Agenda (times in CET)

Date 14 Mar 2024

Location Virtual or onsite in Solita Leuven, MC-SQUARE, Philipssite 5b

08.15 Breakfast (for onsite attendees in Leuven)
09.00 Smart applications: The new era of edge solutions
10.15 Q&A
10.30 Event ends

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