Solita WhiteHat protects your business

A cyber security service revealing your online presence and proactively enhancing security.

Data is one of the most valuable assets of your organisation. You need to ensure that your business-critical data is safe, not visible to outsiders or vulnerable to data breaches. Solita Whitehat is a security service protecting your business. It helps you to continuously and proactively monitor data leaks and potential risks and receive our experts’ development recommendations to improve security.

New data emerges every day, in every organisation, making everyone a possible target for security attacks. For example, human errors, technological vulnerabilities, or new application releases can unintentionally make your organisation’s confidential data visible to outsiders – without you even noticing it. Damage and costs for a single data breach can be huge. It is essential to be able to if not prevent all incidents, then at least minimise the effects as quickly as possible.

An external data security audit once a year is not enough. You need to know in real-time, when and what data becomes public, and have the tools and processes to analyse the situation and react quickly when required. That’s what Solita WhiteHat service is all about.

Solita WhiteHat service helps you to keep constantly up-to-date on possible risks and turn them for your protection

  • 1

    See what outsiders or attackers are able to see of your data
    A summary of public data from tens of sources

  • 2

    Receive threat analyses and recommendations continuously
    Minimise and proactively prevent security risks

  • 3

    React to new findings quickly
    Daily updates of new or emerging data enable you to act quickly

  • 4

    Utilise our security specialists’ expertise
    Expert support for further analysis and mitigation

Miika Leskinen, CIO, NEOT
"To utilise information revealed by WhiteHat is a no-brainer for every credible company."
Miika Leskinen, CIO, NEOT
Pekka Mutikainen, CIO, Skanska
"Implementing Solita WhiteHat was surprisingly easy. With the detections of the implementation phase, we received valuable new information about our systems."
Pekka Mutikainen, CIO, Skanska

Combining automation and human insight to protect your business

Solita WhiteHat is not just another tool but a turnkey service combining automation and human experience. It automatically gathers public data, analyses findings, and recommends actions.

It detects your organisation’s online presence, for example, leaked passwords, documents and source code, unnecessary server or application information, misconfigured cloud components and leaked databases, monitoring potential attack vectors.

Solita WhiteHat

We’ll provide you with actionable items based on the findings regularly and our experts are available for further analysis and mitigation support. You’ll receive clear, visual reports of findings regularly. Our experts are available for further analysis and mitigation.

As a SaaS service, deployment of Solita WhiteHat is easy and quick. We take care of the configuration, analysis, and ensure you start benefiting from findings and recommendations right from the start. You can focus your resources in developing your business further.

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NEOT to minimise information security risks with Solita WhiteHat service

NEOT, a significant independent fuel supply company in the Baltic Sea region, wanted to improve their information security and be more up-to-date of any possible risks to their business.

With the Solita WhiteHat cyber security service NEOT now gets daily status reports of any new or changed information, enabling them to react quickly and ensure that their high information security requirements are met.

Read customer success story NEOT

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  • Solita WhiteHat runs on the AWS cloud platform, providing scalability, availability and cost-efficiency to the service and changing customer needs.