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webMethods by Software AG

Get ready to unlock innovation within your organisation

Modern solutions for modernisation problems

Agility isn’t reserved just for cloud-native companies. It’s possible for all, as long as systems, things, applications, and partners are relentlessly and seamlessly connected. Those connections are made possible by APIs, integration, and microservices. webMethods helps you manage them so that nothing is impossible. You can unlock innovation by delivering new business models made possible by a connected digital ecosystem. You can modernise without building from scratch – connecting the systems and apps that you trust with those that will help you scale. And you can bring digital transformation within reach, allowing existing resources to enable new digital products.

Unlock innovation

Technology is constantly evolving as the world is constantly changing. This means an opportunity for the businesses that use APIs, integration, and microservices to innovate faster and think (and act) digital-first. webMethods help you turn IT and tech trends into real benefits, launching digital projects faster with comprehensive out-of-the-box connectivity.

  • Innovate faster with APIs
    Connect data, apps, devices—all the “things” you need to speed innovation with full API lifecycle management
  • Move to microservices
    Build and manage advanced microservices architectures. Take it to the next level by adding the application context.
  • Integrate everything
    Connect everything, your systems, cloud, data and devices on one platform to accelerate innovation
  • Automate B2B transactions
    Accelerate B2B operational processes with industry standards like EDI and by onboarding partners quickly
  • Connect your core apps
    Exploit trusted systems for use with big data, mobile, cloud and social. Get real-time access to transactional data
  • Simplify digital transformation

  • Innovate faster

  • Modernise for agility

  • Integration
  • API management
  • Microservices
  • B2B integration
  • MFT
  • Hybrid & multi-cloud infrastructure

  • Agile DevOps & continuous delivery

  • Platform enabled ecosystem

Solita – your partner for webMethods Integration & API Management

We are a leading integration & API management consulting expert with two decades of experience in the webMethods platform. Solita is a Software AG’s Premier Partner and is a winner of the Software AG 2020 PartnerConnect EMEA Partner Awards. Read more about Software AG.

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