Visual analytics

Did you know that human eyes and our brains absorb and understand information more easily through visuals and images than texts and numerical figures? Adding the ability to directly interact with data through visual analytics will truly unleash your organisation’s capacity to react and make quality decisions.

Solita’s visual analytics experts have a robust knowledge within this area and are ready to support you with creating powerful visual analytics, dashboards and reports, gathering data from various sources and getting your organisation on the data-driven path!

With data visualization and visual analytics you can

  • Observe larger amounts of data faster

  • Understand the big picture easily

  • Identify opportunities for improvement

  • Inform and share content with wide audiences

  • Enhance productivity through easy-to-use views and interactive tools

We work with leading visual analytics solutions such as Tableau, Microsoft PowerBI and Qlik. Our experienced visual analytics consultants can help you with every step of the way: from helping you to choose the right solution, getting you set up and started, building and coaching you to build fantastic visualisations as well as building the needed data foundation combining data from different sources.

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