29 Nov 2018News

Visit Solita’s Cube Experience at Slush and face the ethical challenges of AI

Solita, a Nordic technology, strategy and design company, comes to Slush with a Cube offering an experience to stir discussion concerning the ethical dilemmas related to artificial intelligence (AI). The Cube is a soundproof space where participants come face to face with ethical questions and conflicts inherent in AI solutions and where they get to think about the ethical choices related to the wellbeing of individuals and the society against the background of their own moral standards. In various situations, the participants have to weigh up the benefits to individuals, corporations or the society at large. Whose life will be saved? Who will be chosen?

What is ethical to someone may be unethical to another – and the ethics of machines derive from the choices made by their builders. “The ethics of artificial intelligence is a hot topic worldwide and also in Finland – and for good reason. The morals and ethics of future AI applications are being developed right now.

Today’s decisions will have a big impact far into the future. Artificial intelligence is now at the top of the global hype curve and there is a rush to build AI applications everywhere. We invite Slush visitors to pause for a moment in the Slush hullabaloo and face the challenges related to the ethics of artificial intelligence,” says Jani Turunen, Solita’s AI Lead. Solita’s Cube is located in the Tech Area, stand 6 D 52.

Solita is actively engaged in studying the ethical issues related to AI solutions in production systems. Ethical issues related to AI solutions are particularly important for IT professionals who develop solutions for people and the society. However, information on the basics of artificial intelligence must be spread beyond the sphere of scientists and AI specialists to develop the AI literacy of people. If people understand the basics, they will be able to participate in social debate and critically evaluate the arguments put forward.

“In the future, artificial intelligence must not be something that only a handful of professionals understand and the common man is left in the dark. In times to come, artificial intelligence will affect more and more aspects of life: health care, recruitment, insurance decisions, traffic control… Now is the time to discuss and prepare guidelines for the transparency and morality of artificial intelligence: our generation is already creating the methodology for future AI solutions”, emphasizes Turunen from Solita.

Welcome to the Cube at Solita’s stand: Slush Tech Area 6D52.

For more information:
AI related questions: Jani Turunen, AI Lead, Solita, tel. +358 50 338 6420, [email protected]

Visiting the Cube and interview slots: Minna Pinola, Communications Director, Solita, tel. +358 40 5166 024, [email protected]

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