Download Solita Think TankThe Data Revolution and Business

Solita’s recent Think Tank report urges leaders and companies to understand the potential of data and platform business. Read the insights of Think Tank members Pekka Ahola and Katriina Kiviluoto from Solita; Katri Harra-Salonen, Finnair, Juhani Nummi, YIT, Veli-Pekka Ääri, S Group; Kati Sulin, DNA, Timo Seppälä, Etla and Aalto University; Petri Parvinen, Helsinki University and Aalto University, Jussi Olkkonen, Palmu and Kari Onniselkä, Ramboll and download the Think Thank report "The Data Revolution and Business"

  • Will data become an item of merchandise?
  • Data and platform economy
  • Data business and GDPR
  • Management, company culture and competences in data business
  • 8 key perspectives in developing data business
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