26 May 2020News

The Symptoms Map service of the Finnish Institute for Health and Welfare (THL) shows how the coronavirus is spreading

The Omaolo service now reaches nearly 3 million Finns

Omaolo.fi is a Finnish, free online service provided by public healthcare that can also be used to check whether a person’s symptoms match those of COVID-19. The Symptoms Map, published today, is based on the information collected with the Omaolo service and displays the locations in Finland where coronavirus symptoms are being reported the most. The service can be accessed at thl.fi/symptomsmap. The coronavirus symptom check-up function of the Omaolo.fi service was developed by SoteDigi Oy, Kustannus Oy Duodecim and THL. Solita, together with Mediconsult Oy, is the application development and analytics partner for the service.

The coronavirus symptom check-up service is free of charge and available in Finnish, Swedish and English via the Omaolo service at omaolo.fi/en. The service will instruct users to contact their healthcare provider if necessary. Published today, the Symptoms Map service displays in which municipalities and hospital districts symptoms related to the coronavirus are reported the most.

Over 500,000 coronavirus symptom check-ups made

The Omaolo service now reaches over half of the population of Finland. Digital public services supplementing basic healthcare also challenge users to learn how to use them.

“The symptoms check-up for COVID-19 has helped Finns adopt digital healthcare services faster. The symptoms check-up service included in the Omaolo service and administered by authorities has been used around 500,000 times. It has been accessed the most by people living in Helsinki, Lahti, Jyväskylä, Espoo and Turku”, says Risto Kaikkonen, director of Solita’s health division.

There are other services available for assessing coronavirus symptoms as well, but unlike Omaolo, they are not developed in cooperation with public healthcare and do not direct customers to their public healthcare provider.

In addition to assessing coronavirus symptoms, the Omaolo service provides all Finns current and reliable information on many other common health concerns as well – free of charge. Service users can assess the need to seek treatment, for example, if they are experiencing pain in their lower back, neck, throat or ears or symptoms of a urinary tract infection, or if they have a cough or a headache. The symptom check-up function of the Omaolo.fi service was developed by SoteDigi Oy, Kustannus Oy Duodecim and THL. Solita Oy and Mediconsult function as the application developer and analytics partners of the Omaolo service.

Modern digital healthcare services

The Omaolo service provides users with fast social and healthcare services that are accessible, free of charge and available 24/7 – and can be used from the comfort of your own home. The recommendations provided by the service are based on the most recent scientific evidence and nationally determined medical criteria. The recommendations are always personalised. The service is a CE-marked medical device.

“Omaolo is a great national service that is accessible to everyone. It helps relieve worries, makes seeking treatment easier and saves the resources of public healthcare by reducing the number of calls received in phone services. It also takes some pressure off public healthcare providers, as people with serious symptoms can be directed straight to appropriate care. Solita is proud to take part in developing modern healthcare services aimed at all Finns, no matter their financial situation, region or age”, says Risto Kaikkonen.

Open information for refining data

The data used in the Symptoms Map can be accessed via this API link. The link directs to the API specification that can be used to pull the data to other applications (only in Finnish).

The map application for the coronavirus Symptoms Map was developed in cooperation with Esri Finland Oy and can be used in Finnish, Swedish and English:

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