The new Solita WhiteHat service finds a company’s data leaks online

Solita WhiteHat cyber security service

Technology, strategy and design company Solita has brought to market a new kind of information security service that utilises ethical hacking methods. The Solita WhiteHat™ service enables businesses and organisations to find data leaks by charting, analysing and showing the company in a single view any data leaks and information security threats that require a reaction. There is currently no service like this on the market.

The Solita WhiteHat service helps corporate information management professionals automate and accelerate the identification and reporting of vulnerabilities. The service comprehensively registers details associated with the company, its online services, user credentials and email addresses, analyses them, and reports the findings clearly in a single view.

The Solita WhiteHat service helps discover data leaks by, for example, listing email addresses, subdomains and documents found with the organisation’s name, as well as server data available in the network, and by specifying user credentials hacked at the personal level in the context of known security breaches that have an unsafe password. The service prepares an evaluation of the criticality of the observations and automatically warns of critical findings.

Round-the-clock data radar speeds up reactions to security threats

The network has become an increasingly critical part of every activity of businesses and organisations, and people’s private lives. As information and internet usage increase exponentially, so do direct attacks against services and unintentional data leaks.

“The service was created out of the needs and wishes of our customers. Constant manual monitoring of the entire Internet in daily life is practically impossible, and finding essential information about a company can be difficult. The Solita WhiteHat information security service helps companies automate laborious data collection, react to threats more quickly and focus measures on preventing the most critical security threats and data leaks,” says Jari Jolula, Head of Cloud Services at Solita.

The service is ideally suited for businesses and organisations, regardless of their size and industry. The first Solita customers to use the service are Skanska and NEOT. Deployment of the SaaS service, which is billed on a monthly basis, is quick and easy, with no need for any separate project or maintenance resources. The service, based on the AWS cloud, is specifically directed at company ICT departments, which often have limited resources. Solita also provides more extensive information security consulting for its customers.

Fighting information security threats with hacker methods

“It is great that organisations have learned to increasingly utilise for example bug bounty vulnerability programs, where security professionals look for vulnerabilities with authorisation. The Solita WhiteHat service helps automate the search for information by utilising hacking methods,” says Iiro Uusitalo, Cloud and Security Specialist at Solita. For his work on information security, Uusitalo has received e.g. the Information Security Trailblazer recognition awarded by the National Cyber Security Centre of the Finnish Transport and Communication Agency. Uusitalo is also a familiar face from a TV series focusing on information security issues.

The name of Solita’s WhiteHat service refers to the concept of “white hat hacker”, or an ethical hacker, meaning information security professionals who help improve the safety of systems and services at businesses and organisations by utilising hacking tools and techniques to find vulnerabilities, usually with the owner’s permission. Criminal hacking, or cracking, is usually referred to as “black hat hacking”. Read more about the service

Further information:
Solita Oy, Jari Jolula, Head of Cloud Services, jari.jolula@solita.fi

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