31 Aug 2020News

The Finnish Covid-19 app Koronavilkku has now been published – download the app to your phone!


The Koronavilkku (“Corona Blinker”) smartphone app has now been published to help break infection chains in Finland. You can download Koronavilkku to your phone free of charge from the most popular app stores.

Koronavilkku has been uploaded to app stores today (31 August 2020). Consequently, it may not yet be possible to access it through the app store search function. The app can be instantaneously downloaded via the links on the koronavilkku.fi/en website.

Koronavilkku has been published in Finnish and Swedish. An English version of the app will be published later in the autumn.

The app will allow people to participate in preventing the spread of the virus and to protect their own and their loved ones’ health. Through the app, people exposed to the virus can be reached and infection chains can be stopped faster.

“The Koronavilkku mobile app is part of the Government’s test, trace, isolate and treat strategy. The app makes it more efficient to reach people exposed to the virus and refer them to treatment. This way, infection chains can also be broken more efficiently”, says Kirsi Varhila, Permanent Secretary of the Ministry of Social Affairs and Health.

The use of Koronavilkku is voluntary, but the more people download it, the more helpful it will be.

“We hope that as many people as possible will download the app to their phone”, says Aleksi Yrttiaho, Director of Information Services at Finnish Institute for Health and Welfare (THL).

“It’s now time for all of us to take part! The team has done remarkable job during the long summer nights – now we can all help prevent infection chains by downloading the app and showing example to the rest of the world”, said Solita’s Senior Technology Consultant Sami Köykkä. “This was a completely extraordinary endeavor, for example in terms of the very tight schedule and the international cooperation network. It has been an honor to be part of this.”

The app has been implemented by the technology company Solita. In addition to THL, the Ministry of Social Affairs and Health, Kela and SoteDigi Oy took part in its development.

More information and downloading instructions

Mika Salminen, Director, Finnish Institute for Health and Welfare THL, +358 29 524 8454, [email protected]

Aleksi Yrttiaho, Director of Information Services Finnish Institute for Health and Welfare THL, +358 29 524 7671, [email protected]

Sami Köykkä, Senior Technology Consultant, Solita, +358 44 7582 395, [email protected]

Risto Kaikkonen, Director, Health and Wellbeing Division, Solita, +358 41 536 8745, [email protected]