Solita Cloud Buyer's Guide

7. The cloud landscape

The cloud is booming. More and more actors are active in this business. It all starts with the cloud partners, but from this point on you can start adding a lot of applications.

7. The cloud landscape

Cloud partners are the basis of moving to the cloud. These cloud system integrators deliver cloud services to your customers. They make it happen: they have the right tools, capabilities and expertise to meet your technical requirements.

Worldwide, three partners are responsible for most of the cloud business: Amazon Web Services (AWS), Google Cloud Platform (GCP) and Microsoft Azure. Most of the Cloud Providers offer similar service models.

Built around the cloud partners, there are tons of applications, integrators, resellers, service partners and technology partners. It is impossible to have an overview of all of them, but we are happy to provide you with an overview of partners in the field of messaging, storage, APIs, logging, monitoring and many others.

Solita Cloud Buyer's Guide cloud landscape

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