16 Mar 2017News

Solita’s sixth Think Tank group focuses on data-driven business

Solita, a digital business consulting company, has announced its sixth Think Tank group. The Think Tank group works to build new and competitive data-driven business. This group of distinguished Finnish business executives focuses on how data-driven business is being developed in Finnish companies now and in the future, and what is needed for more efficient use of data, for example, from the leadership and expertise point of view. The Solita Think Tank report that will be prepared from the group’s discussions will also explore the possibilities of artificial intelligence and machine learning.

Solita today announced its sixth Think Tank group, whose mission is to consider the importance of data and data-driven business models for developing business operations, services, and understanding of customers. The group will release its report towards the end of the year. The members of the new Think Tank are DNA’s Chief Digital Officer Kati Sulin; YIT’s Development Director Juhani Nummi; Aalto University professor of strategic leadership Petri Parvinen; Ramboll CEO Kari Onniselkä; Timo Seppälä of Aalto University and the Research Institute of the Finnish Economy Etla; Veli-Pekka Ääri, President of marketing, customer interaction and digital services at SOK; Finnair Chief Digital Officer Katri Harra-Salonen; Pekka Ahola, Solita’s Vice President of Cloud and Analytics; Katriina Kiviluoto, Solita’s Head of Agile Data; and Jussi Olkkonen, from the service consultancy company Palmu Inc.

The elements of successful data-driven business creation

“Data and data exploitation are currently the subject of much discussion in Finnish companies. Cloud technology, artificial intelligence, and blockchains present a great many opportunities, but many companies have trouble getting started: with knowing what to do, and how to do it,” says Solita’s Vice President of Cloud and Analytics Pekka Ahola.

“Finland has all it needs to build the world-beating knowledge-based business expertise. Pioneering companies are already investing heavily in developing data science and information management expertise, and in transforming their managerial know-how and creating a culture of innovation. We are not very far down this path yet. The data-driven approach will take giant leaps forward in the next few years, and the successful use of data will create opportunities for new business models and ecosystems.”

Making use of data creates new services, value chains and ecosystems

An important part of data exploitation is taking account of information security and data protection legislation. The European Union’s latest privacy regulation, the General Data Protection Regulation (GDPR), places considerable new demands on how personal data must be handled.

“Knowledge is becoming increasingly valuable in many industries, including as a sales commodity. Data helps businesses to better understand and serve their customers,” Ahola continues. “This is already a routine matter for many B-to-C companies, but how have B-to-B companies come to recognise its potential? The goal of our Think Tank Group is to share knowledge and experience, and to encourage Finnish companies to use data to gain a new competitive edge both on the home market and on international markets.”

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