4 Dec 2019News

Solita’s partner network expands – now includes 150 companies

Friends of Solita

Technology, strategy and design company Solita has expanded its partner network to include more than 150 technology and consultancy operators in Finland, Sweden and Estonia. The Friends of Solita partner network revamps the Solita partner model and improves its transparency. Solita customers will benefit from the Solita partner network in terms of increased flexibility, including special expertise, as the larger network is utilised earlier in projects. Solita continues to seek out new partners for the network.

New partner companies are being sought for the Friends of Solita network, such as firms specialising in different technologies, products, information security, project management and management consultancy. Currently, Solita has an operational network of over 150 partner companies in Finland, Sweden and Estonia.

The Friends of Solita operating model differs from typical subcontracting: the idea is to include partners at an earlier stage to plan the cooperation. When a customer makes a request that is outside Solita’s own services, Solita will notify the partner network of the areas of expertise being requested, and the customer will be provided with a larger selection of skills even more quickly than before.

“We use the Friends of Solita network to help our customers find the skills that they need, even if they are outside our own service selection, which allows us to create longer-lasting collaboration models with our partners that are more symbiotic than what is common practice in the industry.


By becoming more international, we can deliver Finnish expertise to the world in future,” says Peter Barkman, senior vice president and management team member at Solita. “We also believe that this will improve employee motivation and deepen contribution as we work together for customers.”

After strong growth in recent years, Solita now employs nearly 1,000 digital business specialists in Finland, Sweden, Estonia, Germany, Belgium and Denmark, who work on different service design, consulting, software development, data and cloud projects. In addition to in-house employees, Solita projects also include a steady 200 to 300 partner specialists.

Looking for more partners

For Solita, the partner model is a win-win-win situation for customers, partners and Solita.

“Agile ecosystems and collaboration are absolutely required in the fast-paced technology industry – it has become impossible for one party to manage all service areas by themselves.

We have worked with partners for a long time, and we find that this operating model benefits everyone: customers can find the necessary skills quickly, partners can save sales and marketing expenses, and Solita can grow its business and enhance the value created for the customers,” says Harri Kulmala, head of the partner network at Solita.

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