10 Jun 2022News

Solita’s Data Academy once again opens doors for new talents in the IT sector

The application period for the Solita Data Academy for data and integration specialists started on 10 June 2022. Solita’s academies help IT specialists take the first steps on their career paths and land their first job in their own field. The training programme also supports anyone changing their career to find employment. Held first in 2016, the Data Academy will now be organised for the twelfth time.

The application period for the technology, strategy and design company Solita’s Data Academy started on 10 June and will end on 31 July 2022. Solita employs almost 600 data and integration specialists in six countries, some of whom graduated from the first Data Academy held in 2016. A total of 120 specialists have graduated from the Data Academy in Finland, and nearly 80 per cent of them are still working at Solita.

Win-win-win: benefits for specialists, companies, and society

Specialists in various IT sectors, including data professionals and software developers, have been in very short supply for several years now, slowing the growth of companies in Finland and globally. Training and recruiting young talents and specialists at the beginning of their career paths is one significant solution to the increasing labour shortage in the IT sector. At the same time, it is important to help graduates find a job in their own field.

“We have found that our Academies are significant in providing young professionals with useful tools for growth in expert work, and they have also given us excellent specialists. For example, there are no official degree programmes for integration specialists in Finland. The Academy students often already have work experience but no official degree or experience of larger projects,” says Elina Piipponen, Solita’s Director of Talent Acquisition in Finland.

“In the Solita culture, team members with less work experience learn by working with more experienced professionals. Learning from others and asking questions openly is an important part of the growth process and the Solita culture”, says Piipponen.

Several specialisation options

This year’s Data Academy offers four different lines for training students for various data professional roles. The Academy will train Data Engineers, Master Data Management Consultants, Data Visualisation Consultants and Integration Specialists. This is the first year the integration line has been offered. Finnish educational institutions do not train integration specialists, even though they are in high demand.

“What is especially wonderful is that we can offer this opportunity to an even larger group. In recent years, an increasing number of women have also found their way into training and the IT sector through our programme. The Academies fulfil and reflect Solita’s values – caring about people, passion for technology and customer service, and courage to also try something new,” says Tuuli Tyrväinen, Talent Acquisition Owner at the Solita Data Academy, in charge of recruiting data and integration specialists at Solita.

The Data Academy will be held in English. Solita’s Connected Data is one of the largest units of data and integration specialists in Nordic countries.

Solita also provides training programmes in its other competence areas. The application period for the Solita Dev Academy for software developers will start on 1 July 2022.

Solita Data Academy:

  • Solita provides professionals with competitive wages, attractive job opportunities in a professional and enjoyable working community, and Solita’s extensive employee benefits.
  • More information on the programme and application instructions can be found here.
  • A meet-up “What is Solita Academy?” will also be held on 28 June.

More information: 

Mikael Ojala, Solita, Senior Vice President, Connected Data,
[email protected], tel. +358 50 919 3535

Elina Piipponen, Solita, Director, Talent Acquisition Finland,
[email protected], tel. +358 50 486 9482