23 Jan 2018News

Solita trains software developers in the art of mobile apps

Solita, a Finnish digital business consultancy company will in March 2018 launch the Mobile for Developers training programme for software developers. The programme is directed especially to software developers and architects who want to expand their competence in developing mobile application technologies and tools as well as improve the way they think about the comprehensive strategic development of services. The application deadline for the training programme is 18 February, 2018.

During the Mobile for Developers programme, the software developers will have a full time permanent position at Solita. In future, due to the additional skills, the developers will have more options and wider career opportunities and possibilities to choose interesting projects. Solita’s clients are domestic and international companies, and governments. The aim of the mobile training programme is to find experienced software developers or architects who, as part of their job, want to expand their skills in mobile applications tools and technologies.

“Relative to the market demand, there are still very few mobile developers in Finland. We want to offer the people at Solita and to the program developer community at large a chance to deepen their skills in the mobile development area,” Kati Kitti, Solita’s Head of Recruitment, comments on the birth of the training programme.

The duration of the Mobile for Developers training programme is 6 months, and the application deadline is 18th of February. The training programme starts in March 2018.

“By building good quality and easy to use mobile applications, we can significantly improve people’s daily lives. Creating mobile applications with a good user experience demands many types of skills in addition to program development skills. With this training programme we want to provide a versatile view and good skills to create applications that the user can enjoy”, says Jere Käpyaho of Solita, who is the main lecturer of the training programme.

Lectures, exercises and mentors

Studying is done during working hours at lectures and with the use of training-like briefs as well as exercises. We provide mentors from our community of over 650 specialists, who range from experts on software development, data, service design and design, integrations, automated testing, operations and data security. Solita is known for its laid-back working culture, and the company continues to grow at a fast and profitable pace.

During the training program, participants will have a permanent position at Solita. The topics covered in the training are, among others, mobile application development tools, native development (iOS/Android) and multi-platform development (e.g. Reach Native), structure and architectural models of mobile applications, basics of building user interfaces, utilizing mobile device features in applications as well as network operations, REST APIs, JSON and mobile application databases.

After studying for 6 months, developers participating in the training programme will be ready to work in projects that require mobile development skills, where the best future applications are built to make people’s lives better. See all open positions.

For more information on the training programme:
Solita, Jere Käpyaho, tel. +358 (0)44 7582 462, [email protected]

For more information about Solita and recruitment:
Solita, Kati Kitti, tel. +358 (0)44 067 3613, [email protected]