14 Sep 2021News

Solita to collaborate with the Academy of Philosophy and Heltti to develop interactive working life skills

Working at Solita

Solita, the Academy of Philosophy and Heltti organisational development services (formerly Shortum) have agreed on a new kind of collaboration to develop future working life skills, especially interaction and dialogue skills. The aim is to create and develop everyday skills, practices and abilities for all Solitans.

“Solita’s corporate culture combines a high degree of autonomy with a caring culture. Achieving this requires all of us to have the skills to face ourselves and each other – not only in easy but also in more challenging situations. Trust and successful encounters are a prerequisite for the success of customer work in teams, ” said Outi Sivonen, who is responsible for developing Solita’s competence and management.

The fast-growing technology company Solita invests heavily in the continuous learning of its employees, and in addition to occupational health services, the company has also been forward-looking in introducing a wide range of different mental well-being services and training. Solita has systematically developed people’s ability to lead themselves in an autonomous environment, and the company also offers, for example, in-house coach support services, which are complemented by virtual coaching services. In addition, people’s resilience and encounters have been supported through, among other things, ‘Living in Exceptional times’ discussion events. This fall, the people of Solita will also be able to participate in the Better Thinker program as part of the Solita Growth Academy. The goal is to help people develop their ability to think and face each other.

“Solita is a great pioneer and role model in the development of expertise needed in co-directed expert organisations. It is an honor to be involved in this co-development. The transformation of work requires a new kind of learning and curiosity, cooperation on interfaces and a creative and bold approach. The aim of the cooperation is to enable Solita employees to have an even stronger employee experience and to support Solita’s business goals with the development of modern skills,” said Sini Lindholm, Director of Organisational Development Services for Heltti.

“We are excited about the collaboration. I strongly believe that this kind of deeper collaboration will allow us to create the best possible ways to strengthen the dialogue skills of Solitans. It’s great to be able to do this side by side with Heltti, who also has strong competence in this field,” said Maija Tiitinen, Chief Operating Officer of the Academy of Philosophy.

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