30 Aug 2019News

Solita Team Wins Fennia AI Hackathon

Solita's team won the Fennia AI Hackathon

Solita team won the Fennia AI Hackathon after two days of rigorous hacking. The jury of the competition concluded that the winning team had the most comprehensive solution, and were convinced by the Solita team’s hardcore AI know-how, business focus as well as customer and employee insight.

Of the competitors, the Solita team did the most thorough job with listening to Fennia’s experts during the hackathon to get valuable insight from the employees.

Five companies in total took part in the competition after qualification: Accenture, CGI, Digital Workforce, Solita and Vincit. The hackathon took place in Helsinki, Finland, during 27th–28th of August, 2019.

“Technology and AI bring us new opportunities in the future for both business development and well-being. But technology is merely a tool – it’s important to also focus on understanding the ethical implications of AI, users’ behaviour and new ways of operating. In our team we combined customer insight, data analytics, AI and cloud service expertise. It was great that our holistic approach brought us the hackathon win,” commented Solita’s AI Hack team member, service designer Iikka Lovio.

Other team members of the Solita team were Jose Juhala, Paavo Toivanen, Rasmus Toivanen and Teemu Vartiainen.

The goal of the AI Hack was to assess the potential of artificial intelligence in business development while increasing Fennia’s understanding of the AI market, solution models and partners. In the future, Fennia hopes to use AI and analytics to make the claims process smoother and faster, and to help target  customers, pricing and marketing more accurately.

The Solita team tested various machine learning models for the given challenge. The winning solution uses SageMaker, the cloud machine learning platform by Amazon Web Services (AWS), and the programming language Python. The winning model combines data processing with both 1d convolutional network and deep neural network.

The Fennia Group provides various risk management and insurance services for enterprises, their personnel, entrepreneurs and private households, as well as flexible client financing solutions.

Solita Oy, Service Designer Iikka Lovio tel. +358 44 016 4050, [email protected]
Fennia, DW Architect Sanna Rantonen, [email protected]