17 Feb 2022News

Solita taking part in national cyber security exercise TIETO22 in Finland

The TIETO22 exercise is the largest joint cybersecurity exercise organised for Finnish companies and authorities. This year, the focus of the TIETO22 exercise will be on cyber security in the financial sector.

There will be a total of approximately 120 organisations participating in the TIETO22 exercise. In addition to financial sector organisations, the participants will also include companies from other sectors critical to security of supply, the key telecommunications and ICT service providers of these sectors, the security sector and the media sector. Also participating in the preparation of the exercise are the authorities and ministries governing these sectors, the National Emergency Supply Agency, Traficom’s National Cyber Security Centre, the police and the Finnish Defence Forces. TIETO exercises are organised every other year by the National Emergency Supply Organisation’s Digital Pool.

Exercises support companies’ continuity management and preparedness and develop contract-based cooperation, and help identify concrete cybersecurity development needs.

The large-scale cybersecurity exercise will start in February 2022 and culminate in a role-playing game to be organised during the intensive phase of the exercise in September, in which participants will practice operations during a fictional cybersecurity incident affecting the banking sector. The key aspects of the exercise will include understanding public-private partnership (PPP) and related operations and providing practical advice to participants.

Solita’s participants represent different knowledge areas. “In the times of hybrid influencing, cyber security is not only about technology, but also about well-working cooperation, risk-minimizing operating models and effective communications. We are proud that Finland is setting an international example in public-private partnerships with this kind of joint, large-scale exercise.”, commented Solita’s Communications Director Minna Pinola.

The TIETO22 exercise will focus on the cybersecurity of the financial sector, with the fictional cybersecurity incident having a large-scale societal impact.

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