20 Jan 2017News

Solita selected as Employer of the Year

Solita was selected as Employer of the Year for 2016. The company hired 130 people last year. In its corporate environment, Solita has successfully combined a laidback work culture with rapid growth and professional development opportunities appreciated by top experts.

The winner was selected based on key figures, personnel development, employer image and local economic effect, among other criteria. 

Solita is a rapidly growing digital business consultancy and digital services company. The company has 500 employees in Helsinki, Tampere, Oulu and Stockholm. Solita hired 130 employees in 2016. It celebrated its 20th anniversary in the autumn and has recently opened its first international office in Stockholm.

“We have our employees to thank for this award. All that we have is based on our people. Despite our rapid growth, we have succeeded in hiring leading experts who appreciate our laidback corporate culture, but who are willing to continuously develop their competencies and ways of working. Our operations are built around a people-centred approach and agile development,” says Jari Niska, President and CEO of Solita.

“Our strong growth continues, and we intend to hire up to 150 people this year. Our operations will grow further in Helsinki, Tampere, Oulu and Stockholm. We are currently hiring software developers, technology architects, data analysts, integration experts and project managers, among other professionals”, says Jonne Seppä, VP, Culture and Competences at Solita.

The criteria for selecting Employer of the Year include the proportional increase in the number of personnel, employee turnover, the net increase in the number of personnel and job stability. Other considerations include the age of the company, as well as its sector, profitability and financial standing. Attention is also paid to personnel development.

The jury’s grounds for their decision were as follows:

“Solita’s success shows that it pays to invest in employees and team spirit. Year after year, the company has shown continuous growth and boldly stood out from the competition through its ways of working. The company is an attractive employer. Its personnel strategy has a solid foundation and is implemented over the long term. Despite its strong growth, Solita has been able to ensure job satisfaction, which was also reflected in the responses to the survey of employees that was carried out in the finalist companies.”

The members of the prestigious jury of the Employer of the Year award consisted of representatives of the Employment and Economic Development Centre, the Tampere Region Organisation of the Federation of Finnish Enterprises, the Tampere Chamber of Commerce and Industry and the City of Tampere, and the Chairman of Junior Chamber Tampere. The purpose of the Employer of the Year award is to encourage employers and promote employment in the Tampere Region. The award is issued by Junior Chamber Tampere.

More information:

Jari Niska, President and CEO, Solita, [email protected], tel. +358 40 524 6400
Jonne Seppä, VP, Culture and Competences, Solita, [email protected], tel. +358 40 844 1892

Solita is a digital business consulting company. We are our customers’ guide in a changing world. We create new business and services for the private and public sectors by combining technology, business processes and content in a new way. Solita produces digital solutions and online services for digital business and services as well as business intelligence. The net sales of the company established in 1996 amounted to EUR 58.5 million in 2016. Solita employs over 500 digital business specialists in Helsinki, Tampere, Oulu and Stockholm.